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Converts course material to API

Project description


Helper for converting course material in YAML/Markdown/Jupyter to JSON API.


Get a list of available courses:

naucse_render.get_course_slugs(*, path='.')

Get general course information:

naucse_render.get_course(course_slug, *, path='.', version=None)

Get information about lessons:

naucse_render.get_lessons(lesson_slugs, vars=None, path='.')

Compile a given course into a directory of JSON & HTML files:

def compile(slug=None, *, path='.', destination, edit_info=None)

The path specifies the local filesystem path to the root of the repository (i.e. parent directory of courses, runs and lessons).

Installation & CLI Usage

Install the latest released version from PyPI. With an activated virtualenv, do:

(venv)$ pip install naucse_render

For development, you can instead install in editable mode with dev dependencies:

(venv)$ pip install -e.[dev]

You can run naucse_render from the command line. To “compile” a course to a directory of JSON metadata and static files:

(venv)$ python -m naucse_render compile _built/

To output metadata for a course or individual lesson(s):

(venv)$ python -m naucse_render get-course

(venv)$ python -m naucse_render get-lessons beginners/install beginners/venv-setup

By default, data is retreived from the current working directory. Use the --path option to point naucse_render elsewhere.

You can use --help for more info.


To run tests, install this package with development dependencies:

(venv)$ pip install -e.[dev]

then run the tests with pytest:

(venv)$ python -m pytest


The code is licensed under the terms of the MIT license, see LICENSE.MIT file for full text. By contributing code to this repository, you agree to have it licensed under the same license.


naucse_render 1.10

  • naucse_render compile now checks for links to missing lessons and non-existent ids in lessons. It fails if one is found.

  • Fixed links after headings

  • API version 0.4

    • Each page of a lesson now has a links entry with a list of all links found on the page.
    • Each page of a lesson now has a ids entry with a list of all id attributes found on the page.

naucse_render 1.9

  • naucse_render now works with current releases of Jinja2.

naucse_render 1.8

  • naucse_render compile now supports the --all switch, which compiles all available courses to directories under the destination directory. This is now the default when --slug is not given and a default course is not found. This change should allow using a common CI config for all repos with course definitions.
  • Anchors are now automatically added to all headers, making it possible to link to individual sections. (thanks to Jakub Beránek)

naucse_render 1.7

  • Added the function naucse.get_course_slugs() and the CLI subcommand naucse_render ls, which return a list of courses naucse_render can load from the given directory.
  • Courses may now be specified with a "flat" file like courses/<course-slug>.yml, rather than a info.yml file nested in a directory.

naucse_render 1.6

  • Courses can now specify extra_lessons, a list of lessons that compile will include in its output even if they don't appear in session materials. This is more explicit than relying on links in the course content (which would need to be parsed any time this info is needed, making things slower).

naucse_render 1.5

  • A new subcommand, compile, creates a directory with course data and supporting files.

  • API version 0.3

    • A course may have information about "edit info", specifying where the course's sources can be edited. (This is only set when compiling courses; in other cases, the caller should know where the code lives.)
  • The slug is now optional; if not given (or None), the data is loaded from course.yml (in the given path, by default the current directory) rather than a file in runs/ or courses/.

naucse_render 1.4

Compatible with nbconvert 6.0.

naucse_render 1.3

  • Lesson directories without data are ignored (
  • API version 0.2
  • Subpages now have subtitles
    • Non-index subpages may optionally have a subtitle. For example, a lesson named "Installation" might have a OS-specific subpage with the subtitle "Linux".
    • If the title of a non-index subpage may now be missing in the input. In that case, the subtitle must be present, and the title is generated as "{lesson title} – {page subtitle}".
  • Timezone information is passed through
  • Mappings read from YAML must have unique keys.
  • Subpages may now be linked with relative URLs: ./page, just like other lessons can be linked with ../lesson or ../../category/lesson. ("Short" linking to subpages of other lessons, like ../lesson/page, still doesn't work.)

naucse_render 1.2

  • API version 0.1
  • Serial "numbers" are now generated for sessions.
    • Serials are strings (or None). Usually they are numeric (like '1'), and in the source YAML they may be specified as int. But, for example, an appendix could use Roman numerals: i, ii, iii.
    • When a serial is not given in the source YAML explicitly, it is auto-generated as the previous serial plus 1 (or from 1 at the start). Serials specified as str (or None) prevent this auto-generation.
    • For courses with only one session, the serial is not auto-generated.

naucse_render 1.1

  • Make it possible to use data from a YAML file in lesson content
  • Make output the same on Windows as on "Unixy" systems

naucse_render 1.0

  • Source files are always reported as relative paths
  • YAML files are reloaded when they change
  • Added integration tests

naucse_render 0.x

0.x should successfully render courses hosted on prior to 2019.

The format of the source files grew organically, so there is no attempt here to document it.

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