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Jupyter server proxy wrapper for Open Refine

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Jupyter server proxy for OpenRefine

Based on the original which has some docs, although the reponame/install instructions will need updating for this repo. I will pop the package on PyPi at some point.

Jupyter-server-proxy config for running OpenRefine.

Install as:

pip install nb-serverproxy-openrefine

To install directly from this repo:

pip install git+

Open to Notebook homepage: Binder

Open to OpenRefine: Binder

Open to Jupyterlab: Binder

OpenRefine can now be started and launched from the notebook homepage New menu:

Or from the JupyterLab launcher:

The OpenRefine client can be found on the openrefine path (the port number is allocated dynamically).

Calling the path directly (eg starting MyBinder with the path openrefine, or adding ?urlpath=openrefine to the Binder URL) will launch the Binder container directly into the OpenRefine GUI application.

The directory path into which the OpenRefine project files are saved is $HOME/openrefine by default, although you can trump it via the $REFINE_DIR global variable:

openrefine_path =  os.getenv("REFINE_DIR") if "REFINE_DIR" in os.environ else str(Path.home() / 'openrefine')

The host openrefine will use is by default. This can be overriden with the $REFINE_DOMAIN global variable

Early original work on getting OpenRefine running in MyBinder was done by @betatim (betatim/openrefineder) and @yuvipanda helped me get my head round various bits of jupyterhub/jupyter-server-proxy/ which is key to proxying web services via Jupyter. @manics PR for handling predefined, rather than allocated, port mappings also made life much easier...

Python Client

A Python client is also available for working with OpenRefine:

Using the client requires Open Refine to be running. TO DO: should we hardwire the port? Else how do we know where to connect?:

When the client works with Python3 I will add it as an optional dependency to this package.

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