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A Jupyter notebook to Hugo markdown converter

Project description


nb2hugo is a simple way to convert a Jupyter notebook to a Hugo markdown page.


Jupyter Notebook is a great way to create a single document that contains code that can be executed, formatted text to provide detailed explanations, as well as figures. Hugo is a simple yet very powerful static site generator. While a few solutions to convert a Jupyter notebook to a Hugo markdown with front matter already exist, nb2hugo put an emphasis on getting a result that looks similar to the original Jupyter notebook.


Using pip:

pip install nb2hugo


In your Jupyter notebook, start by using one or more markdown cells that will contain the front matter information. Next, add an html comment as a front matter divider: everything in the notebook before the End Of Front Matter divider <!--eofm--> will be the front matter. This approach is similar to the one used for content summaries.
A markdown title before the <!--eofm--> divider will automatically become the front matter title. You can also provide other front matter fields by writting pairs of "key: value" on different lines.
Below is an example of a notebook markdown cell that will become a front matter:

# My notebook title

Date: 2018-06-01  
Author: firstname lastname  
Categories: category1, category2  
Tags: tag1, tag2, tag3  

All content after the <!--eofm--> divider will be considered as normal notebook content.

Once you have finished writing your notebook, you can convert it using the following command:

nb2hugo notebook_file --site-dir hugo_website_directory --section content_section

A workflow for easily publishing notebooks

A demo site shows how to combine nb2hugo, Hugo and Netlify to easily blog with Jupyter notebooks. The associated Git repository is available at


Vincent Lunot - Initial work.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details.


nb2hugo is based on nbconvert.

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