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An nbconvert orgmode-exporter

Project description

nbcorg - A jupyter notebook to orgmode exporter for nbconvert

This is an nbconvert exporter to convert an ipython/jupyter notebook to orgmode with multiple options for treating source code and output blocks.

Installation and getting started

nbcorg can be installed from the command line with pip, e.g,

pip install nbcorg

This should install the software with dependencies, as well as create entry points for the orgmode exporters in nbconvert.

Using nbcorg

Once installed, the orgmode exporters can be selected using the nbconvert --to switch, e.g,

jupyter nbconvert --to orgmode mynotebook.ipynb

If you'd rather run from source without installation, you may do so from the nbcorg directory using the full qualified name as described in the nbconvert documentation, e.g,

jupyter nbconvert --to nbcorg.OrgmodeExporter mynotebook.ipynb

Included exporters

nbcorg functionality can be tuned using command line switches, as described below, however for convenience the package includes a couple named exporters with different default values for these.

orgmode (nbcorg.OrgmodeExporter)

This is the base exporter with default values for options and switches as described below

orgmode_babel (nbcorg.OrgmodeBabelExporter)

Ignores all output and appends :session :results output to code blocks. Useful if a notebook should be converted to a literate programming org file. Note that the source code language is at the moment derived from notebook metadata, and for instance an ipython session is given as 'python', meaning that if you use cell magic you may need to do some tweaks to get it to work.

This a convenience exporter, running

jupyter nbconvert --to orgmode-babel mynotebook.ipynb

is the same as

jupyter nbconvert --to orgmode --OrgmodeExporter.src_block_options=':session :results output' --OrgmodeExporter.exclude_output=True

Configuration options

For a list of nbconfig configuration options also applicable to the orgmode exporters see the nbconvert manual for exporter and preprocessor options. (In particular those applicable to TemplateExporter and ExtractOutputPrecprocessor.)

nbcorg.OrgmodeExporter defines also the following additional options:


Default: False

Do not include execution results in output data. Execute results are special outputs separate from display data. The [matplotlib.Y.Z at 0x123456789ABCDEF] kind of strings in the notebook when plotting a matplotlib figure is one example.


Default: False

This allows you to exclude raw cells from all templates if set to True.


Default: export

How HTML output data should be handled.

Allowed values:

  • export - Enclose HTML in #+BEGIN_EXPORT html ...-block.
  • example - Enclose HTML in #+BEGIN_EXAMPLE ... -block.
  • import - Use pandoc to convert HTML to org. Results may vary... Much of likely still returned as HTML by pandoc and enclosed in +#BEGIN_HTML...-blocks.


Default: INPUT

Drawer name for input cell content. Only applicable if OrgmodeExporter.use_input_drawer=True. Input cell content will be placed in an org drawer of this name.


Default: html

How javascript output data should be handled.

Allowed values:

  • html Place the js code in HTML <SCRIPT> tag and create placement
    inside #+BEGIN_EXPORT html ... block.
  • source Place js code inside #+BEGIN_SRC js-block.
  • example Enclose javascript in #+BEGIN_EXAMPLE ... -block.
  • ignore - Ignore javascript blocks.


Default: export

How LaTeX output data should be handled.

Allowed values:

  • export - Enclose LaTeX in #+BEGIN_EXPORT latex ...-block.
  • example - Enclose LaTeX in #+BEGIN_EXAMPLE ... -block.
  • import - Use pandoc to convert LaTeX to org. Results may vary... pandoc likely wraps it in #+BEGIN_SRC latex-blocks.


Default: import

How markdown output data should be handled.

Allowed values:

  • example - Enclose markdown in #+BEGIN_EXAMPLE ... -block.
  • import - Use pandoc to convert markdown to org.


Default: RESULTS

Drawer name for output cell content. Only applicable if OrgmodeExporter.use_output_drawer=True. Output cell content will be placed in an org drawer of this name.


Default: `` (empty string)

String of org src block extra options. This string will be added after the language name in all input cell source code blocks. Input code will be wrapped in a block on the form

#+BEGIN_SRC {{ lang }} {{src_block_options}}
   {{ code }}

where lang and code is given by the notebook. This option is useful to add org-babel options so that source blocks can be executed from org-mode as well. E.g. OrgmodeExporter.src_block_options=':session :results output' which will instruct org-babel to execute each source block in a session just like a jupyter notebook. (See org-babel for more information, and note that further configuration may be needed to get ipython specifics, such as cell magic, to work.)


Default: True

Wrap raw LaTeX and HTML cells in org export blocks. Standard behaviour for nbconvert exporters when dealing with raw cells is to include mime types requiring no conversion verbatim, while ignoring any other ones. The mime-types to include is given by the configuration option raw_mimetypes, which for orgmode defaults to 'text/x-org' and '' (corresponding to None Raw NBConvert Format). However, similar to the jupyter notebook, orgmode has the ability to mark blocks for inclusions verbatim when exporting to a set of supported formats (currently HTML and LaTeX). It therefore makes sense to convert raw cells in these formats to the corresponding raw blocks. When supported_raw_as_export is set to True the mime types 'text/html' and 'text/latex' are added to raw_mimetypes, and HTML and LaTeX raw cells are wrapped in export blocks rather than included verbatim (other raw cell content is still represented verbatim). When supported_raw_as_export is set to False this functionality is turned off and only cells with mime types in raw_mimetypes are included.


Default: False

If True, input cell contents are placed in drawers.


Default: False

If True, output cell contents are placed in drawers.


nbcorg is dependent on the following software


  • Lukas Ahrenberg


This project is licensed under the Modified BSD License. See LICENSE for text.

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