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ncs-netsim2 is a wrapper of ncs-netsim tool with added features.

Project description


ncs-netsim is a great tool, but it lack of following features which are developed as part of ncs-netsim2

  • ncs-netsim2 features
    • delete-devices <device-names>
    • create-network-from [ yaml | json ] <filename>
    • create-device-from [ yaml | json ] <filename>
    • create-network-template [ yaml | json ]
    • create-device-template [ yaml | json ]

ncs-netsim2 is a wrapper on top of ncs-netsim with added features. It's written in python and we opened the space to add more features to it.


ncs-netsim, It's a powerful tool to build a simulated network environment for Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) it's also called as NCS - NSO. In these network topologies we can test the network configurations based on the need as per the use case.

ncs-netsim2, An open space to automate the ncs-netsim.


  • ncs-netsim command must be reconginsed by the terminal.
  • ncs-netsim2 supports both trains of python 2.7+ and 3.1+, the OS should not matter.

Installation and Downloads

The best way to get ncs-netsim2 is with setuptools or pip. If you already have setuptools, you can install as usual:

python -m pip install ncs-netsim2

Otherwise download it from PyPi, extract it and run the script

python install

If you're Interested in the source, you can always pull from the github repo:

  • From github git clone


Delete a device(s) from topology

existing device list

⋊> ~/k/i/ncs-netsim2 on master ◦ ncs-netsim2 list
ncs-netsim list for  /Users/kkotari/idea/ncs-netsim2/netsim

name=xr0 netconf=12022 snmp=11022 ipc=5010 cli=10022 dir=/Users/kkotari/idea/ncs-netsim2/netsim/xr/xr0
name=xr1 netconf=12023 snmp=11023 ipc=5011 cli=10023 dir=/Users/kkotari/idea/ncs-netsim2/netsim/xr/xr1
name=xr2 netconf=12024 snmp=11024 ipc=5012 cli=10024 dir=/Users/kkotari/idea/ncs-netsim2/netsim/xr/xr2
name=xr3 netconf=12025 snmp=11025 ipc=5013 cli=10025 dir=/Users/kkotari/idea/ncs-netsim2/netsim/xr/xr3
⋊> ~/k/i/ncs-netsim2 on master ◦

deleting devices

⋊> ~/k/i/ncs-netsim2 on master ◦ ncs-netsim2 delete-devices xr1 xr3
[ INFO ] :: [ ncs-netsim ] :: deleting device: xr1
[ INFO ] :: [ ncs-netsim ] :: deleting device: xr3
⋊> ~/k/i/ncs-netsim2 on master ◦

latest device list

⋊> ~/k/i/ncs-netsim2 on master ◦  ncs-netsim2 list
ncs-netsim list for  /Users/kkotari/idea/ncs-netsim2/netsim

name=xr0 netconf=12022 snmp=11022 ipc=5010 cli=10022 dir=/Users/kkotari/idea/ncs-netsim2/netsim/xr/xr0
name=xr2 netconf=12024 snmp=11024 ipc=5012 cli=10024 dir=/Users/kkotari/idea/ncs-netsim2/netsim/xr/xr2
⋊> ~/k/i/ncs-netsim2 on master ◦

Create Network/Device Template

Template to automate the Network/Device creation process.

⋊> ~/k/i/ncs-netsim2 on master ◦ ncs-netsim2 create-network-template [yaml | json]
⋊> ~/k/i/ncs-netsim2 on master ◦ ncs-netsim2 create-device-template [yaml | json]

which gives template.json/yaml file where you can update the files based on your need/requirement.

Create Network/Device From Template

We are using the templates which are updated based on your requirement

⋊> ~/k/i/ncs-netsim2 on master ◦ ncs-netsim2 create-network-from [yaml | json] <filename>
⋊> ~/k/i/ncs-netsim2 on master ◦ ncs-netsim2 create-device-from [yaml | json] <filename>

How to choose the Templates and How they look

These templates follows the same process of ncs-netsim, format is your choice

  1. prefix based creation - ncs-netsim2 create-network-template yaml
  2. name based creation - ncs-netsim2 create-device-template yaml

Note:- So far we are not supporting combinations.

You can find the examples in the same directory start with template-create-<...>.yaml/json.


ned-path: <path-to>/nso-local-lab/nso-run-
start: true
ncs_load: true
      count: 2
      prefix: ios-56-
      count: 2
      prefix: ios-55-


ned-path: <path-to>/nso-local-lab/nso-run-
start: true
ncs_load: true
    - ios-56-name-100
    - ios-56-name-150
    - ios-55-name-200
    - ios-55-name-250


⋊> ~/k/i/ncs-netsim2 on master ◦ ncs-netsim2 --help
Usage ncs-netsim2  [--dir <NetsimDir>]
                  create-network-template [yaml | json]             |
                  create-network-from [yaml | json] <fileName>      |
                  create-network <NcsPackage> <NumDevices> <Prefix> |
                  create-device-template  [yaml | json]             |
                  create-device-from [yaml | json] <fileName>       |
                  create-device <NcsPackage> <DeviceName>           |
                  add-to-network <NcsPackage> <NumDevices> <Prefix> |
                  add-device <NcsPackage> <DeviceName>  |
                  delete-devices <DeviceNames>           |
                  delete-network                     |
                  [-a | --async]  start [devname]    |
                  [-a | --async ] stop [devname]     |
                  [-a | --async ] reset [devname]    |
                  [-a | --async ] restart [devname]  |
                  list                      |
                  is-alive [devname]        |
                  status [devname]          |
                  whichdir                  |
                  ncs-xml-init [devname]    |
                  ncs-xml-init-remote <RemoteNodeName> [devname] |
                  [--force-generic]                  |
                  packages                  |
                  netconf-console devname [XpathFilter] |
                  [-w | --window] [cli | cli-c | cli-i] devname |
                  get-port devname [ipc | netconf | cli | snmp] |
                  -v | --version            |
                  -h | --help

See manpage for ncs-netsim2 for more info. NetsimDir is optional
and defaults to ./netsim, any netsim directory above in the path,
or $NETSIM_DIR if set.


  • Question: Do I need to install ncs-netsim too?
    Answer: Not really, ncs-netsim tool comes along with NSO. If you are working with NSO it's won't be a problem.

  • Question: Is python mandatory for ncs-netsim2?
    Answer: Yes, the library is written in python and we wanted not to be dependend on NSO versions.

  • Question: Is ncs-netsim2 backword compatable?
    Answer: We recommend to use ncs-netsim2 commands instead of ncs-netsim. However couple of commands are still backward compatable ie. ncs-netsim list, etc.

  • Question: I am seeing following error ./ line 12: export: `': not a valid identifier
    Answer: We recommend to check your env path as recommended in following link

Bug Tracker and Support

  • Please report any suggestions, bug reports, or annoyances with ncs-netsim2 through the Github bug tracker.

License and Copyright

  • ncs-netsim2 is licensed MIT 2019-2020

    License: MIT

Author and Thanks

ncs-netsim2 was developed by Kiran Kumar Kotari

Project details

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