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Nextdoor Okta Auther

Project description


# Nextdoor Okta Auth-er

This is a simple command-line tools for logging into Okta and generating temporary Amazon AWS Credentials. This tool makes it easy and secure for your developers to generate short-lived, [logged and user-attributed][tracking] credentials that can be used for any of the Amazon SDK libraries or CLI tools.

# Features

We have support for logging into Okta, optionally handling MFA Authentication, and then generating new SAML authenticated AWS sessions. In particular, this tool has a few core features.

## Optional MFA Authentication

If your organization requires MFA for the _[initial login into Okta][okta_mfa]_, we will automatically detect that requirement on a per-user basis and prompt the user to complete the Multi Factor Authentication. The following factors are supported by _nd_okta_auth_:

  • [FIDO U2F][okta_u2f] (eg yubikey)
  • [Okta Verify with Push][okta_verify]
  • TOTP (Okta Verify, Duo, and Google Authenticator)

If a user has multiple factors they will be prompted in the above order. A user can hit Control-C to skip a factor.

## Re-Up Mode .. Automatic Credential Re-Generation

Amazon IAM only supports Federated Login sessions that last up to 1 hour. For developers, it can be painful to re-authenticate every hour during your work day. This is made much worse if your organization requires MFA on each login.

You may run the Okta Auth-er tool in “reup” mode to get around this. The tool will stay running in a daemon-like mode, and it will reach out regularly to Okta, generate a new SAML Assertion, and then generate updated Amazon AWS credentials. This can run for as long as your Okta administrator has allowed your Login Session to be - often a full work day.

See the –reup commandline option for help here!

# Usage

For detailed usage instructions, see the –help commandline argument. Basic instructions though:

$ nd_okta_auth -a <application id> -o <your org name> -u <your username> 08:27:44 (INFO) Nextdoor Okta Auther v0.0.1 Password: 08:27:48 (WARNING) Okta Verify Push being sent… 08:27:48 (INFO) Waiting for Okta Verification… … 08:28:09 (INFO) Waiting for Okta Verification… 08:28:10 (INFO) Successfully authed Matt Wise 08:28:10 (INFO) Getting SAML Assertion from foobar 08:28:11 (INFO) Found credentials in shared credentials file: ~/.aws/credentials 08:28:11 (INFO) Wrote profile “default” to /Users/diranged/.aws/credentials 08:28:11 (INFO) Session expires at 2017-07-24 16:28:13+00:00 $

## Okta Setup Before you can use this tool, your Okta administrator needs to set up [Amazon/Okta integration][okta_aws_guide] using SAML roles.

## Inspiration This code is heavily based on the previous work done by [ThoughtWorksInc][thoughtworksinc] on their [OktaAuth][oktaauth] and [AWS Role Credentials][aws_role_credentials] tools. We took their general purpose code and re-wrote them into a singularly focused tool that added some new features.

In particular, we found it clumsy to use two CLI tools together to do a single task. Additionally, the tools did not have support for [Okta Verify with Push][okta_verify].

# Developer Setup

If you are interested in working on the codebase, setting up your development environment is quick and easy.

$ virtualenv .venv $ source .venv/bin/activate $ pip install -r requirements.txt

## Python Versions

Python 2.7.1+ and Python 3.5.0+ are supported

## Running Tests

$ nosetests -vv –with-coverage –cover-erase –cover-package=nd_okta_auth

[oktaauth]: [aws_role_credentials]: [thoughtworksinc]: [tracking]: [okta_aws_guide]: [okta_mfa]: [okta_verify]: [okta_u2f]: [aws_saml]:

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