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Encryption modules applied to NEM.

Project description

NEM implementation ed26619 encryption modules for Python.
NEM use Keccak hash function, not same SHA3.

Python3 (>=3.5)

how to use
Please look [test codes folder.](test)

pip install nem-ed25519
pip install git+

This version need GMP.
*For Linux*
apt-get install python3-gmpy2 libgmp3-dev libmpc-dev
apt install libmpfr-dev
pip install gmpy2

*For windows*
Download [pythonlibs](
`pip install gmpy2‑2.0.8‑cp36‑cp36m‑win_amd64.whl` If you use Python3.6 64bit

from nem_ed25519.key import secret_key, public_key, get_address
# secret key
sk = secret_key()
# public key
pk = public_key(sk)
# compressed key
ck = get_address(pk, main_net=True)

from nem_ed25519.signature import sign, verify
# sign message
sign = sign(msg=b'hello world', sk=sk, pk=pk)
# verify message
verify(msg=b'hello world', sign=sign, pk=pk)

from nem_ed25519.encrypt import encrypt, decrypt
# encrypt/decrypt message
sk1 = secret_key()
pk1 = public_key(sk1)
enc = encrypt(sk=sk, pk=pk1, msg=b'Hot potato.')
dec = decrypt(sk=sk1, pk=pk, enc=enc)

Import setting at first, and you can select encode mode.
Please look at [](test/
from nem_ed25519.base import Encryption
ecc = Encryption()



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