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Python module implementing the observer pattern using a centralized registry

Project description

Neo-Observer is a Python module implementing the observer pattern using a centralized registry. You send an event to the registry and it will dispatch the call the registered observers of the event. You can register functions or subclasses of a defined observable interface. Events have a name, a sender and optional info object. You can register an observable to receive an event based on its name, sender or both. Require Python 2.5 and higher (excluding Python 3).

2015-06-05: 1.0.1 Dib push the doc on Github. No more wiki and wiki project. Updated REAME.

2011-04-19: To remove any ambiguity, adding the same observer again cancel the previous registration.

2011-04-19: New improved version

  • Use weak references whenever it is possible. Objects no longer referenced by your code will not receive events so you don’t have to remember to call ‘remove_observer’.

  • Any callable can be used as an observer as long as the callable can be called with the single event argument or without argument at all.

  • When adding an observer, you can specify the method to be called on the observer to receive the event.

  • Implementation changes: Using a type hierarchy instead of a type flag for the different types of observers.

While I was having a centralized registry in mind when I was creating this class, I realize that ObserverRegistry can work in a decentralized way too. Any class derived from ObserverRegistry is an ObserverRegistry too (just don’t forget to call init).

Author: Pierre Thibault (pierre.thibault1 -at-

License: MIT

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