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A neo-python RPC Server with plugable commands.

Project description

An RPC server that extends the default neo-python RPC server with plugable commands.


Install the package via pip

pip install neopython-extended-rpc-server

Next, open your neo-python’s protocol.<network>.json, find the RPCServer key and set it as follows

"RPCServer": "neopython_ext_rpc_server.ExtRpcServer.ExtendedJsonRpcApi"

Note that the default installation has not additional commands over neo-python’s build-in RPC Server.

Extending with new commands

You can extend the RPC server with your own commands by creating a plugin. This has 2 requirements:

  1. Your plugin must extend the ExtendedRpcCommand class and implement the required methods.

  2. Your plugin must be installed using setuptools and register an entrypoint under neopython.extrpc.plugins. See the entry_points key in /extrpc-plugin-example/ for an example.

If your plugin does not adhere to the above 2 requirements it will not be picked up by the loader. The easiest approach is probably to copy the example plugin folder and adjust it to your needs.

Once your done you can either share your plugin via PyPi (Instructions) to make it installable via pip or you can install it directly using python install.

Note: you have to restart the RPC server for new commands to be picked up.

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neopython-extended-rpc-server-0.1.0.tar.gz (3.8 kB view hashes)

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