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Python package for nepali processes

Project description


Python package for processing every nepali stuffs


Python >= 3


pip install nepali


  1. Nepali datetime support
  2. Parse nepali datetime
  3. Nepali Characters (Months, Days, etc)
  4. Number to nepali numbers and nepali numbers to english.


Represents nepali date, converts English date to nepali date and nepali date to english date

from nepali.datetime import nepalidate  

Creating new object

# object with current date
np_date = nepalidate(year, month, day)

# object with today's date
np_date =

# parse date
np_date = nepalidate.strptime('2078-01-12', format='%Y-%m-%d')

Object from python's

import datetime

date =
np_date = nepalidate.from_date(date)

Get python's object


Get python's datetime.datetime object



Represents nepali date time

from nepali.datetime import nepalidatetime  

Creating new object

# object with specific datetime
np_datetime = nepalidatetime(year, month, day[, hour[, minute[, second]]]) # arguments must be nepali

# object with current datetime
np_datetime =

# parse datetime
np_datetime = nepalidatetime.strptime('2078-01-12 13:12', format='%Y-%m-%d %H:%M')

Object from python's datetime.datetime

import datetime

dt =
np_datetime = nepalidatetime.from_datetime(dt)

Get nepalidate object

Get python's datetime.time object


Get python's datetime.datetime object


Date String Format
Equivalent to python's datetime strftime format

npDateTime =
print(npDateTime.strftime('%a %A %w %d %b %B %m %y %Y %H %I %p %M %S'))
print(npDateTime.strftime_en('%a %A %w %d %b %B %m %y %Y %H %I %p %M %S'))
बुध बुधबार ३ २६ मंसिर मंसिर ०८ ७५ २०७५ ११ ११ शुभप्रभात ०६ १३
Wed Wednesday 3 26 Mangsir Mangsir 08 75 2075 11 11 AM 06 13

timedelta operations

ndt =
print(ndt + datetime.timedelta(hours=5))
print(ndt - datetime.timedelta(hours=5))


Parses datetime from a string.

parse uses very high cost method, so avoid this as much as you can.

from nepali.datetime import parser as nepalidatetime_parser
ndt = nepalidatetime_parser.parse('29 Jestha, 2078, 1:30 PM')


nepalihumanize converts nepalidatetime to nepali human readable form

from nepali.datetime import nepalihumanize  

Creating new object

# object from nepali datetime
ndt =
humanize_str = nepalihumanize(ndt)

# object from python datetime
dt =
humanize_str = nepalihumanize(dt)

Humanize with threshold
returns date in nepali characters if more than threshold(in seconds) else returns humanize form

humanize_str = nepalihumanize(ndt, threshold=60) # 60 seconds

# custom format after threshold
humanize_str = nepalihumanize(ndt, threshold=60, format='%Y-%m-%d') # 60 seconds

For Django Template

Add 'nepali' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.


IN your Template

{% load nepalidatetime %}
{% nepalinow %}
{% nepalinow '%Y-%m-%d' %}
{{ datetimeobj|nepalidate:"%Y-%m-%d" }}
{{ datetimeobj|nepalidate_en:"%Y-%m-%d" }}
{{ datetimeobj|nepalihumanize }}

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