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(unofficial) NewRelic Synthetics CLI

Project description

NewRelic Synthetics (unofficial) CLI (NeReS)

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NeReS is a cli tool to manage `NewRelic Synthetics
<>`__ monitors with a Synthetics Lite account
(Pro should work too). The tool emulates the actions of a user in the browser
and doesn't use the Synthetics API since that's only available to the Pro

Use the tools you can:

- List all your monitors, including their success rate, locations,
notifications etc.
- Create, update and delete monitors
- List available locations for monitor installation

Everything you can do using the Web console is supported and provided to your
shell prompt.


.. code:: shell

$ pip install neres


1. You will need a newrelic account
2. Start by using the `login` command
3. Read the docs or run `--help`


Login to NewRelic

Login to NewRelic with the `login` command:

.. code:: shell

$ neres login

If you have multiple NewRelic accounts you can have different environments:

.. code:: shell

$ neres --environment work login

.. note::

Default environment is named `newrelic`. Remember to always pass `--environment`
to all neres commands to execute them in the correct environment. Alternatively
you can add `NERES_ENVIRONMENT` to your environment variables list.

List Accounts

You can list all the accounts connected to the email you used to connect using:

.. code:: shell

$ neres list-accounts

By default neres will act on the first account listed. This command will help
you select a different account by using the `ID` of the account in combination
with the `--account` option or by setting `NERES_ACCOUNT` in your environment.

List Locations

Lists available monitor locations:

.. code:: shell

$ neres list-locations

List Monitors

Lists available monitors:

.. code:: shell

$ neres list-monitors

You can only list IDs of the monitors:

.. code:: shell

$ neres list-monitors --ids-only

Or get the raw JSON output from NewRelic:

.. code:: shell

$ neres list-monitors --raw

Add Monitor

Adds a Synthetics monitor:

.. code:: shell

$ neres add-monitor monitorName

Use `--help` to get a full list of supported options for the command. All
options are optional.

Get Monitor

Get details on a monitor

.. code:: shell

$ neres get-monitor de310b69-3195-435e-b1ef-3a0af67499de

.. note::

You can use `list-monitors` to get a list of available monitors.

Update Monitor

Update an existing monitor

.. code:: shell

$ neres update-monitor de310b69-3195-435e-b1ef-3a0af67499de --name "Foobar"

Use `--help` to get a full list of supported options for the command. All
options are optional.

Open Monitor

Open monitor in the browser

.. code:: shell

$ neres open de310b69-3195-435e-b1ef-3a0af67499de

Get state of all monitors of account

Export the state of all monitors of account in YAML format with

.. code:: shell

$ neres get-state

Save the output into a file, edit and use in combination with the
`update-from-statefile` command to update multiple monitors at once.

.. code:: shell

$ neres get-state > state.yaml

Update monitors from statefile

Update monitors from statefile with

.. code:: shell

$ neres update-from-statefile state.yaml

.. note::

This command will only update existing monitors. It will not create new or
delete existing ones.


This package was created with
`Cookiecutter <>`__ and the
`audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage <>`__
project template.

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0.4.0 (2017-06-02)

* Use NewRelic's "stoplight" to determine monitor health.

0.3.0 (2017-05-25)

* Multiple monitors management with get-state and update-from-statefile
* Bug fixes

0.2.0 (2017-05-11)

* Python 3 fixes
* Bugfixes
* Tests!

0.1.1 (2017-04-27)

* First release on PyPI.

0.1.0 (2017-04-12)

* Cookiecutter import

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