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Run nested tmux sessions with ease

Project description

Nestmux - Run nested tmux sessions with ease

Running nested sessions of tmux is a bit of a hassle. nestmux is here to make it easier.


pip install nestmux


The first invocation of nestmux will create a new tmux session with the prefix key C-h.

Invoking nestmux again inside the first session will create a nested session with the prefix key C-n.

Invoking nestmux again inside the second session will create a second nested session with the prefix key C-b.


nestmux is configured with a json file located at ~/.config/nestmux/nestmux.json. The default configuration is

	"prefixes": ["C-h", "C-n", "C-b"],
	"socket_name": "NESTMUX"

prefixes is an arbitrarily long ordered list of prefix keys, where the first element will be the prefix key for the first nesting level and so on. The length of this list controls the maximum nesting depth.

socket_name is the name of the tmux socket. There's rarely a point in setting this to anything other than the default.

Things to fix

  • Replace attach_session with a function replaces the current python process with the tmux process we attach to, instead of adding the tmux process as a child process of the current python process.

  • Add a video to the README.

  • Change to TOML for config

  • Nicer error messages.

  • Command to validate config.

  • Command to show config.

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