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QR Code generation for netbox objects

Project description

Netbox QR Code Plugin

Netbox plugin for generate QR codes for objects: Rack, Device, Cable.

This plugin depends on qrcode and Pillow python library


This plugin in compatible with NetBox 2.8 and later.


If Netbox was installed according to the standard installation instructions. It may be necessary to activate the virtual environment.

source /opt/netbox/venv/bin/activate

The plugin is available as a Python package in pypi and can be installed with pip

pip install netbox-qrcode

Enable the plugin in /opt/netbox/netbox/netbox/

PLUGINS = ['netbox_qrcode']

Restart NetBox and add netbox-qrcode to your local_requirements.txt


The following options are available:

  • with_text: Boolean (default True). Text label will be added to QR code image if enabled.

  • text_template: Jinja2 template with {{ obj }} as context, using it ignores text_fields and custom_text

  • text_fields: List of String (default ['name']). Text fields of an object that will be added as text label to QR image. It's possible to use custom field values.

  • font: String (default TahomaBold) Font name for text label ( Some font include in package, see fonts dir).

  • text_location: Where to render the text, relative to the QR code. Valid values are "right" (default), "left"", "up", and "down".

  • custom_text: String or None (default None) additional text label to QR code image (will be added after text_fields).

  • qr_version: Integer (default 1) parameter is an integer from 1 to 40 that controls the size of the QR Code (the smallest, version 1, is a 21x21 matrix).

  • qr_error_correction: Integer (default 0), controls the error correction used for the QR Code. The following values are available:

    1 - About 7% or less errors can be corrected. 0 - About 15% or less errors can be corrected. 2 - About 30% or less errors can be corrected. 3 - About 25% or less errors can be corrected.

  • qr_box_size: Integer (default 6), controls how many pixels each "box" of the QR code is.

  • qr_border: Integer (default 4), controls how many boxes thick the border should be (the default is 4, which is the minimum according to the specs).

Per object options

Per object options override default options. Per object options dictionary can contains any of default options inside.

  • device: Dict or None (default {'text_fields': ['name', 'serial']}), set None to disble QR code
  • rack: Dict or None (default {'text_fields': ['name']}) , set None to disble QR code
  • cable: Dict or None ( defaul {'text_fields': ['_termination_a_device', 'termination_a', '_termination_b_device', 'termination_b',]}), set None to disble QR code

Configuration example:

    'netbox_qrcode': {
        'with_text': True,
        'text_fields': ['name', 'serial'],
        'font': 'ArialMT',
        'custom_text': 'Property of SomeCompany\ntel.8.800333554-CALL',
        'text_location': 'up',
        'qr_version': 1,
        'qr_error_correction': 0,
        'qr_box_size': 4,
        'qr_border': 4,
        # per object options
        'cable': None,  # disable QR code for Cable object
        'rack': {
            'text_fields': [
        'device': {
            'qr_box_size': 6,
            'custom_text': None,


Developing tools for this project based on ntc-netbox-plugin-onboarding repo.

Issues and pull requests are welcomed.


Device QR code with text label Device QR Code

Rack QR code Rack QR Code

Cable QR code Cable QR Code

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