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Network Config Builder

Project description

Network Config Builder

As a network automation engineer I need to template build network device configurations. I want to use Jinja2 as my templating language. I want to be able to use the Jinaj include directive so that I can include relative template files. I want the ability to dynamically create variable collections for each host using native Python, and have a tool that correlates these variables based on a priority ordering.

This repostory provides such a tool.

$ netcfg-builder --template <template-file.j2> -e <extra-variables>

When -e <varname>=<value>, then the variable name varname is defined with the value <value>.

For example, define a varialbe called varsdir that has the value /usr/local/myvars.

$ netcfg-build --template <template-file> -e vardirs=/usr/local/lib/myvars

When <extra-varialbes> is a .py file, that file needs to decorator functions; each of these functions will be called in priority order. Priority 0 is first.

For example:

from pathlib import Path
from netcfg_builder.variables import ingest, load_directory

def load_variables(tvars: dict, **extras):
    varsdir = Path(extras['varsdir'])

The first parameter, tvars to the decordated function is current set of template variables. The second parameter, **extras are any extra variables defined on the command line.

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