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Read and write Netpbm files

Project description

Netpbmfile is a Python library to read and write image files in the Netpbm or related formats:

  • PBM (Portable Bit Map): P1 (text) and P4 (binary)

  • PGM (Portable Gray Map): P2 (text) and P5 (binary)

  • PPM (Portable Pixel Map): P3 (text) and P6 (binary)

  • PNM (Portable Any Map): shorthand for PBM, PGM, and PPM collectively

  • PAM (Portable Arbitrary Map): P7, bilevel, gray, and rgb

  • PGX (Portable Graymap Signed): PG, signed grayscale

  • PFM (Portable Float Map): Pf (gray), PF (rgb), and PF4 (rgba), read-only

  • XV thumbnail: P7 332 (rgb332), read-only

The Netpbm formats are specified at

The PGX format is specified in ITU-T Rec. T.803.

No gamma correction or scaling is performed.


Christoph Gohlke


BSD 3-Clause




Install the netpbmfile package and all dependencies from the Python Package Index:

python -m pip install -U netpbmfile[all]

See Examples for using the programming interface.

Source code and support are available on GitHub.


This release has been tested with the following requirements and dependencies (other versions may work):



  • Several breaking changes:

  • Rename magicnum to magicnumber (breaking).

  • Rename tupltypes to tupltype (breaking).

  • Change magicnumber and header properties to str (breaking).

  • Replace pam parameter with magicnumber (breaking).

  • Move byteorder parameter from NetpbmFile.asarray to NetpbmFile (breaking).

  • Fix shape and axes properties for multi-image files.

  • Add maxval and tupltype parameters to NetpbmFile.fromdata and imwrite.

  • Add option to write comment to PNM and PAM files.

  • Support writing PGX and text formats.

  • Add Google style docstrings.

  • Add unittests.


  • Read multi-image files.

  • Fix reading ASCII formats with trailing comments.

  • Fix writing maxval=1, depth=1 binary images.

  • Use tifffile.imshow for multi-image arrays if installed.

  • Change tupltypes to bytes according to specification (breaking).


  • Allow space after token value in PAM.

  • Update metadata.


  • Add type hints.

  • Support reading PF4 RGBA FloatMaps.

  • Drop support for Python 3.7 and numpy < 1.19 (NEP29).


  • Fix unclosed file warnings.

  • Support reading PGX JPEG2000 reference images.


  • Disallow comments after last value in PNM headers.


  • Remove support for Python 3.6 (NEP 29).

  • Support os.PathLike file names.


  • Fix reading tightly packed P1 format and ASCII data with inline comments.

  • Remove support for Python 2.7 and 3.5.

  • Update copyright.


  • Move into netpbmfile package.


  • Support reading Portable FloatMaps.

  • Style fixes.


  • Use fromdata classmethod to initialize from data.

  • Support with statement.

  • Scale RGB images to maxval for display.

  • Make keyword arguments explicit.

  • Support numpy 1.10.


Write a numpy array to a Netpbm file in grayscale binary format:

>>> data = numpy.array([[0, 1], [65534, 65535]], dtype=numpy.uint16)
>>> imwrite('_tmp.pgm', data)

Read the image data from a Netpbm file as numpy array:

>>> image = imread('_tmp.pgm')
>>> numpy.testing.assert_equal(image, data)

Access meta and image data in a Netpbm file:

>>> with NetpbmFile('_tmp.pgm') as pgm:
...     pgm.magicnumber
...     pgm.axes
...     pgm.shape
...     pgm.dtype
...     pgm.maxval
...     pgm.asarray().tolist()
(2, 2)
[[0, 1], [65534, 65535]]

View the image and metadata in the Netpbm file from the command line:

$ python -m netpbmfile _tmp.pgm

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