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A package for fitting spectral entropies of complex networks

Project description

# Networkqit package

The spectral entropy framework

An information theoretic approach inspired by quantum statistical mechanics was recently proposed as a means to optimize network models and to assess their likelihood against synthetic and real-world networks. Importantly, this method does not rely on specific topological features or network descriptors, but leverages entropy-based measures of network distance. Entertaining the analogy with thermodynamics, networkqit provides a computational tool for the estimate of spectral entropy and fitting of model parameters. These results enable the practical application of this novel and powerful framework to network model inference.


The full documentation for this package under development and is currently being written, its current version is available at:


To use the networkqit package we suggest to use virtualenv. The networkqit package is pure Python, so it should work on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. Here we report instructions for usage in a standard Ubuntu linux installation.

How to install on Linux

  1. Open a terminal, install pip and virtualenv and clone this repository


    sudo apt-get install python3-pip sudo pip3 install virtualenv virtualenv workspace cd workspace git clone

  2. You cloned the repository. Now start the virtualenv session.

    source bin/activate

  3. If you are inside the virtualenv session, check that the Python version you are using is the one provided by virtualenv.

    which python3

  4. Now install the networkqit package within the virtualenv environment.

    cd networkqit python3 sdist

Now install the created Python package, that should come with all its dependencies matplotlib, numpy, networkx, pandas, numdifftools, bctpy

cd .. pip3 install networkqit/dist/networkqit-0.1.tar.gz

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networkqit-0.13.2.tar.gz (27.6 kB view hashes)

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