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A script to create boilerplates for text projects.

Project description

# Newpro

A script to create boilerplates for text projects.

## Introduction

This is a script I use to create boilerplates for writing projects in my
workflow. I doubt anyone else will benefit from this, but there's no harm in
sharing anyway. My workflow involves writing in markdown, and generating a pdf
and word document using [pandoc][]. I also use a biblatex bibliography
sometimes. The generation is controlled by a Makefile.


## Installation

Installing from PyPi (recommended):

sudo pip3 install newpro

Installing from the working git repository:

git clone
cd newpro
sudo python install

Full disclosure, I've only tested this on Linux. It _should_ also work on macOS
and windows, but don't take my word for it.

## Usage

The script is interactive, so there's no fancy magic required. This section
will walk through every section anyway.

**Running the script**

Change into the directory you want the project in and run `newpro`.

**Author name**

Normally, you'll be presented with a prompt for the author's name (typically
your own). The name will be converted to title case so capitalisation does not
matter. This step is tedious and can be skipped by creating a text file
located at `~/.config/newpro.txt`. Enter only your name into this file. This
will skip the author prompt.

**Project title**

This is the full title of your project. No explaining to do here.

**Project name**

This is the name of your project. This should be a short identifier as it
will be used as the directory path and the base for all file names. For example
if your set the name to `example`, the project will be located under the
`example` subdirectory and contain the file ``.


If you choose to include a bibliography a bibtex file will be created. This
includes an example bibtex entry. For more information see this [biblatex

[biblatex tutorial]:


I like using the [CC-BY-SA][] license in my work. This will temporary license
text at the bottom with a reminder to create a proper link with appropriate


## Example

A typical run might look as follows:

$ newpro
Project title: Project title
Project name: name
Create a bibliography (y/N)? y
Include CC-BY-SA license (y/N)? y

Creating the following structure:

$ tree
└── name
├── Makefile
├── name.bib

1 directory, 3 files


pandoc --from markdown --output name.pdf --bibliography name.bib
pandoc --from markdown --to docx --output name.docx --bibliography name.bib


/* @misc{ CHANGEME, */
/* author = "CHANGEME", */
/* title = "CHANGEME", */
/* year = "CHANGEME", */
/* publisher = "CHANGEME", */
/* } */


title: Project title
date: 2017-12-09
author: Awes Mubarak


This work is licensed under a [Creative CommonsAttribution 4.0 International License](
<!-- TODO: see -->

All focus can then be directed to the markdown file (and bibliography if used).

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