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alpha newsletter software for #python. newsletterapp more extensible.

Project description

About newsletter is for making newsletters with python. In very early stages of development. See COPYING for LGPL licence details.

hg clone


Only one developer so far, maybe more if it becomes useful.

Rene Dudfield <> is a lead developer and maintainer of pygame, and is also a Website developer, and App developer

newsletter contains a library for newsletters and a newsletterapp

Install newsletter with virtualenv and pip

This makes an isolated install for you, so it does not pollute your system packages:

virtualenv --no-site-packages --distribute myvirtualpython
cd myvirtualpython
source bin/activate
pip install newsletter --pre
newsletterapp --help

Installing with virtualenv and pip is recommended.

Install newsletter with ./configure; make

This is for old school unix peoples:

./configure; make

Install newsletter with

Using to install into your normal python sitewide directory:

python install

newsletter changelog

0.1.22pre (2014-01-28)

  • make newsletterapp more extensible.

0.1.21pre (2014-01-10)

  • clean so it works in modern packaging tools.

0.1.20pre (2011-09-12)

  • newsletterapp bug fix related to contact form functionality.

0.1.19pre (2011-09-09)

  • Adding a pypackages directory for newsletterapp for extending newsletterapp.
  • port listened on respects config file setting.

0.1.18pre (2011-09-08)

  • doc error fix

0.1.17pre (2011-09-08)

  • newsletterapp more secure by default. Does not setup default users for admin section.
  • fixed some test failures.
  • removed single new line at end of template files, that is put there by editors like vim.
  • newsletterapp can be used for contact forms through send_message config items in the config file.

0.1.16pre (2011-09-01)

  • installation fixes.
  • newsletterapp checks database directory exists and gives error message if it does not.
  • newsletterapp –newinstall does not copy in .py files to install directory.
  • newsletterapp –newinstall creates database directory by default.

0.1.15pre (2011-09-01)

Bugs fixed

  • install.rst rst syntax errors fixed.

0.1.14pre (2011-09-01)

  • install works correctly.
  • updated documentation for installation.
  • removed buildout files.
  • setuptools enabled by default.
  • added package requirements for newsletterapp

0.1.13pre (2011-08-31)

  • updated documentation
  • got buildout working.

0.1.12pre (2011-07-25)

  • Adding cmd to send mail locally on unix using sendmail
  • Added a default server port to ini file
  • Made use instructions more clear.
  • fixed setup file to continue if reading CHANGES,TODO, and readme fails.

0.1.11pre (2011-07-17)

  • help page in the newsletter.newsletterapp admin section.
  • new documentation, using the sphinx tool.
  • many improvements to newsletter.newsletterapp.
  • command line control of some newsletter.newsletterapp functions.
  • source code repository moved to bitbucket and hg from launchpad and bzr.

0.1.10pre (2011-06-06)

  • tests for newsletter application.
  • templates sanitize html.
  • email templates use same templating system as rest of web app.
  • newsletterapp sets cherrypy in production mode by default.
  • can add subscribers by tag to a send.

0.1.9pre (2011-05-28)

  • many improvements to example newsletter application.

0.1.8pre (2011-05-23)

  • example application now uses the cherrypy config api and a newsletter.ini file for configuration.

0.1.7pre (2011-05-21)

  • improved example application.
  • Fixed bug with removing a user from a send.
  • Updated TODO.txt

0.1.5pre (2011-04-17)

  • the first draft of an example newsletter web app using cherrypy and pywebsite.sqlitepickle
  • Added some extra methods to Newsletter and NewsletterSend to support the example application.

0.1.4pre (2011-03-21)

  • Fixed NewsletterSend so it can have an almost dict like object that uses d.update({k:v}) method instead of d[k] = v.
  • Made tests more resiliant.

0.1.3pre (2011-03-21)

  • implementation of basic NewsletterSend interface, with some doctests.

0.1.2pre (2011-03-18)

  • implementation of basic Newsletter interface, with some doctests.

0.1.1pre (2011-03-16)

  • fixed some basecode.

0.1.0pre (2011-03-15)

  • only bugs added so far.
  • adding base code.
  • basic newsletter object sketching out.


  • make a test plan.
    • a manual test script to follow to check it all works.
  • do release to get feedback.

  • docs for setting up as a newsletter.
    • set up new instance.

    • configure newsletterapp.ini
      • set up admin password.

        tools.basic_auth.users = {“admin”: newsletter.newsletterapp.newsletterapp.encrypt_pwd(“youradminpassword”)}

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