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Python implementation of the NewsML-G2 standard (

Project description

NewsML-G2 - Python implementation of the NewsML-G2 standard

NewsML-G2 is an open standard created by the International Press Telecommunications Council to share news content. See

This module is a part-implementation of the standard in Python. Currently it reads itemMeta and contentMeta blocks, catalogs and metadata objects from NewsML-G2 XML files and outputs Python objects.

Work in progress.

Currently built for Python 3 only - please let us know if you require Python 2 support.


Installing from PyPI:

pip install newsmlg2

Reading NewsML-G2 files


import NewsMLG2

# load NewsML-G2 from a file and print the parsed version
g2doc = NewsMLG2.NewsMLG2Document(filename="test-newsmlg2-file.xml")

# load NewsML-G2 from a string
g2doc = NewsMLG2.NewsMLG2Document(
b"""<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <catalogRef href="" />
        <itemClass qcode="ninat:text" />
        <provider qcode="nprov:IPTC" />
        <inlineXML contenttype="application/nitf+xml">

# get the newsItem from the parsed object
newsitem = g2doc.getNewsItem()
# test various elements and attributes using our shortcut dot syntax
assert newsitem.guid == 'simplest-test'
assert newsitem.standard == 'NewsML-G2'
assert newsitem.standardversion == '2.29'
assert newsitem.conformance == 'power'

itemmeta = newsitem.itemmeta
# you can choose whether to use qcodes or URIs, we do the conversion for you
# using the catalog declared in the NewsML-G2 file
assert itemmeta.itemclass.qcode == 'ninat:text'
assert NewsMLG2.qcode_to_uri(itemmeta.itemclass.qcode) == ''
assert itemmeta.provider.qcode == 'nprov:IPTC'
assert NewsMLG2.qcode_to_uri(itemmeta.provider.qcode) == ''
# Elements that contain a simple text string can be read with str(class)
assert str(itemmeta.versioncreated) == '2020-06-22T12:00:00+03:00'


Creating NewsML-G2 files from code


    g2doc = NewsMLG2.NewsMLG2Document()
    newsitem = NewsMLG2.NewsItem()
    newsitem.guid = 'test-guid'
    newsitem.xml_lang = 'en-GB'
    itemmeta = NewsMLG2.ItemMeta()
    itemmeta.itemclass.qcode = "ninat:text"
    itemmeta.provider.qcode = "nprov:IPTC"
    itemmeta.versioncreated = "2020-06-22T12:00:00+03:00"
    newsitem.itemmeta = itemmeta

    output_newsitem = g2doc.get_item()
    assert newsitem.guid == 'test-guid'
    assert newsitem.standard == 'NewsML-G2'
    assert newsitem.standardversion == '2.29'
    assert newsitem.conformance == 'power'
    assert newsitem.version == '1'
    assert newsitem.xml_lang == 'en-GB'

    output_xml = g2doc.to_xml()
    assert output_xml == (
        "<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>\n"
        '<newsItem xmlns="" xmlns:nitf="" xml:lang="en-GB" standard="NewsML-G2" standardversion="2.29" conformance="power" guid="test-guid" version="1">\n'
        '  <itemMeta>\n'
        '    <itemClass qcode="ninat:text"/>\n'
        '    <provider qcode="nprov:IPTC"/>\n'
        '    <versionCreated>2020-06-22T12:00:00+03:00</versionCreated>\n'
        '  </itemMeta>\n'


A unit test library is included.

Run it with:


Test coverage can be measured with the package:

pip install coverage
coverage run --source NewsMLG2 -m pytest 
coverage report

Release notes

  • 0.1 - First release, pinned to Python 3 only (use pip >9.0 to ensure pip's Python version requirement works properly)
  • 0.2 - Can now read and write NewsML-G2 from code - NewsMessage and PlanningItem not yet implemented. Probably quite a few bugs.
  • 0.3 - Changed from automatically converting between URIs and QCodes to providing helper functions uri_to_qcode() and qcode_to_uri()

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