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Nexus is a pluggable admin application in Django. It's designed to give you a simple design and architecture for building admin applications.

Project description


Nexus is a pluggable admin application in Django. It’s designed to give you a simple design and architecture for building admin applications.

It was originally created by Disqus, but due to the inactivity we at YPlan have taken over maintenance on this fork.



Tested with all combinations of:

  • Python: 3.6
  • Django: 1.11, 2.0, 2.1

Python 3.4+ supported.


Install it with pip:

pip install nexus-yplan

Make sure you pip uninstall nexus first if you’re upgrading from the original to this fork - the packages clash.

You’ll need to enable it much like you would django.contrib.admin.

First, add it to your INSTALLED_APPS setting:


nexus has three dependencies from core Django - django.contrib.admin, django.contrib.auth, and django.contrib.sessions. If these applications are not in your INSTALLED_APPS, add them; or if you are using a custom auth system you can skip these requirements by adding the line NEXUS_SKIP_INSTALLED_APPS_REQUIREMENTS = True to your settings.

Second, include nexus at some url in your

import nexus

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    ('^nexus/', include(,

Nexus has autodiscovery similar to Django Admin - it will look in each of your INSTALLED_APPS for a nexus_modules submodule, and import that. This is where the app should declare a NexusModule subclass and use to add it to the main Nexus site. Thus to add functionality you should install some packages with modules, or write your own.

Available Modules

The following modules are tested against nexus-yplan:

There are also some older applications that provide Nexus modules, however these were only developed against Disqus’ Nexus and not this fork; your mileage may vary:

If you want to write a module, there are a couple of example modules in tests/testapp/, with templates in tests/testapp/templates/nexus/example. Also the source code shouldn’t be too hard to understand.

A Note on Login

Until Version 1.1, Nexus included a login/logout functionality. Unfortunately these were copied and adapted from an old version of the code in Django Admin, and were thus not up to date with security changes in newer Django versions. Since keeping them up to date would be a burden, and most sites use Django Admin for adminstrator login, the login/logout functions have been removed.

Nexus now relies on Django Admin login, or for users to visit it having logged in through another route.


Nexus’ behaviour can be customized by adding some values to your Django settings.


By default Nexus serves its media files itself through Python, avoiding any configuration to integrate with your project. This is convenient but can be slow. You can control where the media files are served from with the setting NEXUS_MEDIA_PREFIX, for example:

NEXUS_MEDIA_PREFIX = '/served/here/'

This will make Nexus write its media URLs using this prefix, where it assumes you have set up serving its files.


Pending Release

2.1.0 (2019-04-14)

  • Drop Django 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10 support. Only Django 1.11+ is supported now.

2.0.0 (2019-03-02)

  • Drop Python 2 support, only Python 3.4+ is supported now.

1.6.1 (2018-10-17)

  • Fix Django deprecation warnings

1.6.0 (2017-10-28)

  • Added Django 2.0b1 support
  • Tested on Django 1.11 (no changes were necessary)

1.5.0 (2017-01-19)

  • Added CSRF token on the base template to make AJAX requests work when Django’s CSRF_COOKIE_HTTPONLY setting is set
  • Removed the now obsolete template tag nexus_csrf_cookie_name

1.4.0 (2016-05-24)

  • Fixed footer appearance on long pages
  • Fixed the tab highlighting and removed NexusModule.get_request which existed only to support the old broken code.
  • ‘jQuery Templates’ is no longer included in Nexus - this was done for Gargoyle, which now uses its own bundled templating code instead.

1.3.1 (2016-02-25)

  • Theme updated a bit more to make buttons look nice

1.3.0 (2016-02-24)

  • New Logo and theme, thanks @emache.
  • The login logic no longer sends users without permission to see Nexus through a redirect loop, thanks @ChunYin for the report.

1.2.0 (2016-02-12)

  • Removed support for Django 1.7
  • Removed the need to add a call to nexus.autodiscover() in your URLConf by using the AppConfig, similar to Django Admin from Django 1.7+
  • Upgraded jQuery to 1.6.4
  • Upgraded Facebox to its master version

1.1.0 (2016-01-13)

  • Removed support for old Django versions
  • Fixed all deprecation warnings on Django 1.7 and 1.8
  • Added Django 1.9 support
  • Added Python 3.4 and 3.5 support
  • Historically Nexus had a module that embedded Django Admin; this has not worked since Django 1.3 due to removal of the adminmedia template tag that the templates were still using. Because it seems that no one has been using it, it has been removed. Users are encourage to just use the normal Django Admin instead. Nexus thus ships with no modules included.
  • Removed the login/logout pages, which were copied and adapted from an old version of Django Admin, and likely no longer secure. If you are not logged in Nexus will now redirect you to Django Admin - thus Django Admin is now required by Nexus.
  • Fixed Nexus CSRF protection to work if you have changed the CSRF cookie name, thanks to a PR on the original Nexus from Github users @karech and @graingert.
  • Removed all inline javascript, thanks @graingert.

1.0.0 (2015-12-09)

  • First publication on PyPI as nexus-yplan
  • Django 1.8 compatibility

0.3.1 (2015-01-22)

  • Better support for Django 1.7 and Python 3

0.2.3 (2011-12-19)

  • Ensure on exempt views we still send .
  • Downgrade CSRF ajax to work with older versions of jQuery.

0.2.2 (2011-12-19)

  • Update AJAX CSRF set to work against correct origins.

0.2.1 (2011-12-19)

  • Added version to Nexus footer.

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