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Simple command line tool to make notification after target program finished work

Project description


nf is a tool to make notification for user that its command finish work. For example “make” program that takes long time to finish.

SPDX-License-Identifier: 0BSD

Project name: nf License: 0BSD / Free Public License 1.0.0 More information about license:


From 1.3.2:
  1. –detach for run command as detached process (stdout is still the same, but parent of process is system dependant)

  2. –wait-for-pids wait for one or more processes then run cmd

  3. add new backend: win10toast-persist

  4. fix backends priorities on Win

  5. fix ‘null’ dbus interface on some Linux configurations

  6. detect WSL (Win) but do not support it yet


  1. Screenshot from KDE:

Screenshot from KDE
  1. Screenshot from KDE:

Screenshot from KDE
  1. Screenshot from KDE:

Screenshot from KDE
  1. Screenshot from Android:

Screenshot from Android


It is one-file script so you can download and use it. You can also run it from sources without any dependancies* (need only python and maybe some modules delivered with it [or not])

* - Windows needs some modules to work, see for details. On 2020-03-08 they are: python -m install psutil win10toast-persist

Latest developement version:

wget -c


curl -f -L -o

or put link into your browser


git clone
python ./


python ./ --help

See CLI section for more details.

Previous stable versions:

wget -c
wget -c
wget -c
wget -c
wget -c


python -m pip install nf


python -m pip install nf --user


python -m pip install nf --user --proxy=YOUR.PROXY.IP.v4:YOUR_PORT


python -m pip install -e git+


git clone
cd nf
python # or python -m pip install -e .


git clone
cd nf
python # or python -m pip install -e .

To update:

python -m pip install nf -U


There are one kind of interfaces: CLI.

If you think there is a need to have lib/module to please let me know why. Maybe there is a reason.


CLI is Command Line Interface. So you have tool called: nf

$ python --help
usage: [-h] [-l LABEL] [-p] [-n] [-s] [-w WAIT_FOR_PID] [--detach]
            [-b {paramiko,ssh,dbus,gdbus,notify-send,termux-notification,win10toast-persist,win10toast,plyer,plyer_toast,stdout}]
            [-v] [-d] [--debugfile DEBUGFILE]
            [--custom_notification_text CUSTOM_NOTIFICATION_TEXT]
            [--custom_notification_title CUSTOM_NOTIFICATION_TITLE]
            [--custom_notification_exit_code CUSTOM_NOTIFICATION_EXIT_CODE]
            cmd ...

Simple command line tool to make notification after target program finished work

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-l LABEL, --label LABEL
                        Add humn readable text to custom job identification
-p, --print           Print notification text in stdout too
-n, --no-notify       Do not do annoying notifications
-s, --save            Save/append command and stat to .nf file
-w WAIT_FOR_PID, --wait-for-pid WAIT_FOR_PID
                        Wait for PID aka wait for already run process finish
                        work. This option can be used multiple times.
--detach              Run command or wait for pid in detached process
-b {paramiko,ssh,dbus,gdbus,notify-send,termux-notification,win10toast-persist,win10toast,plyer,plyer_toast,stdout}, --backend {paramiko,ssh,dbus,gdbus,notify-send,termux-notification,win10toast-persist,win10toast,plyer,plyer_toast,stdout}
                        Notification backend
-v, --version         Print version
-d, --debug           More print debugging on stdout
--debugfile DEBUGFILE
                        More print debugging save into file
--custom_notification_text CUSTOM_NOTIFICATION_TEXT
                        Custom notification text
--custom_notification_title CUSTOM_NOTIFICATION_TITLE
                        Custom notification title
--custom_notification_exit_code CUSTOM_NOTIFICATION_EXIT_CODE
                        Custom notification exit code

nf make
nf ls
nf ls not_exist_file
nf sleep 2
nf -l sleeping sleep 2
nf -l `tty` ls
nf "ls | grep .py"
nf --detach sleep 15
nf -w 55555 ls
nf -w 55555 --detach echo Finished
nf -w 55555 -w 55556 echo Done

"/home/nic/src/nf$ -p ls
LICENSE  pytest.ini  README  requirements-dev.txt  setup.cfg  tox.ini
"/home/nic/src/nf$ ls" finished work.

Start time:   17:32.50
End time:     17:32.50
Elapsed time: 00:00.00


  1. Work with Jython: it does not have dbus module, fallback to command line.

  2. Observed in KDE: notification with the same body (text) can be dropped. To avoid that I add timestamp text to make nofitications unique.


  1. Support Android notification by termux-notifications (of course by termux)

  2. Support dbus by python module or fallback to notify-send (part of libnotify 0.7.7 or 0.7.8)

  3. Option to print notification on stdout.

  4. Option to save full command line and stat to file into working directory.

  5. Support whole python implementations/versions (at least not crash and print on stdout)

  6. Case SSH: If you are over SSH send notification over backward-SSH connection to your native system (force password)

  7. Supported notification backends: paramiko (ssh), ssh, dbus, notify-send, termux-notification (Android), win10toast (Windows),plyer, plyer_toast, stdout

  8. yakuake/konsole terminal tab name in label

  9. screen/tmux session/window/pane title/name in label

  10. Python module aka library interface “import nf;[‘ls’])”

TMUX/SCREEN used by nf or how to test it

1. tmux session name: .. code-block:: bash

tmux rename-session sesja tmux list-sessions -F “#{session_name}”

2. tmux window name: .. code-block:: bash

tmux rename-window okno tmux list-window -F “#{window_name} #{window_active}”

3. tmux pane name: .. code-block:: bash

printf ‘033]2;%s033' ‘this is a title’ tmux list-pane -F “#{pane_title} #{pane_active}”

4. client pid to get parent (for example: yakuake) .. code-block:: bash

tmux display-message -p “#{client_pid}”

5. screen sessions: .. code-block:: bash

screen -list There are screens on: 7842.pts-30.nic (Attached) 6981.pts-25.nic (Attached) 2 Sockets in /tmp/screens/S-nic.

6. screen window title .. code-block:: bash

screen -S 6981.pts-25.nic -Q title terefere

7. screen windows: .. code-block:: bash

screen -S 6981.pts-25.nic -Q windows 0* terefere 1 bash 2 bash 3- bash


nf 1.5.0

  1. –try-version=1.3.2 - download (need Internet connection), put in home directory and use it instead of installed version

  2. –try-version=dev - latest git version to tests

  3. $HOME/.nf directory and “versions” subdir to downloaded versions

  4. WSL support

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