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NFT market is in your hands.

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What is it?

nft-market is a Python library by which current market information of NFTs on several famous NFT markets (OpenSea, Magic Eden, tofuNFT, PancakeSwap, etc) can be obtained.

Main features

nft-market provides simple APIs that return market information just by your giving the following arguments.

from nft_market import Market, Retriever

r = Retriever()
print(r.fetch(Market.OpenSea, 'boredapeyachtclub'))  # Bored Ape Yacht Club

# [Output]
# type: nft_market.NFTInfo
# NFTInfo(id='boredapeyachtclub', name='Bored Ape Yacht Club', num_supply=None, num_listing=10000, num_owners=6400, floor=111.0, volume=487600.0)

Currently supported marketplaces

At this moment, the following marketplaces are supported in nft-market.

Other marketplaces will be added into the list in the future. You can, off course, request them in issues if needed immediately. Either PRs or issues are always welcome!

Currently supported explorers

The following explorers are supported in nft-market. If possible, using these explorers is recommended rather than using the above marketplaces, such as Enterpot, for more stability.

How to get the ID of a NFT?

Although it depends on which marketplace you use, you can basically find it in the URL.

Example 1: OpenSea

When you want to retrieve the information of the NFT of Bored Ape Yacht Club , the URL looks like . In this URL, what differs according to a NFT is the part of boredapeyachtclub, which is all you need to use ** nft-market**.

Example 2: tofuNFT

URLs look like In this case, what nft-market requires is only the part of astardegens.

Other examples

We have several examples of the usage in for references.

Available information

What you can retrieve may change by a marketplace you specify, as follows. Other information may be provided in the future!

Market Name #Supply #Listing #Owners Floor Volume
Magic Eden
CCC ✓(*)
Nifty Gateway
Explorer Ecosystem Name #Supply #Listing #Owners Floor Volume

"✓(*)" means it can return None value depending on items.


You can install nft-market by pip.

$ pip install nft-market

Also, as nft-market depends on Firefox and its driver, you need to install them.

$ brew install firefox

$ sudo apt install firefox

Besides, all Python dependencies are listed up in requirements.txt. Please install them by $ pip install -r requirements.txt if you install nft-market not by pip but by cloning from GitHub.

For developers

You can run tests similarly as GitHub Actions in your local environment by using ACT. We highly recommend you try this for at least what you added before push.


# mac
$ brew install act

# Linux
$ curl | sudo bash

# Windows Chocolatey
$ choco install act-cli

# Windows Scoop
$ scoop install act

How to use act?

Make sure that you're already running Docker Desktop, and then just run act!

$ act push --container-architecture linux/amd64

Note that when you see choices as for the default size of images, you need at least "Medium".

Default image and other options can be changed manually in ~/.actrc (please refer to for additional information about file structure)  [Use arrows to move, type to filter, ? for more help]
> Medium

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