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Official Thirdweb sdk

Project description

NFTLabs Python SDK

PyPi package found here.

Deprecation Notices

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The nftlabs-sdk pypi package will be deprecated on November 30th, 2021

Please make sure you install the new thirdweb-sdk package found here

In your code, update all imports to use the thirdweb package and switch to using the ThirdwebSdk package (instead of the NftlabsSdk package)

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The collection module has been renamed to bundle and will be deprecated on November 30th, 2021

All references to collection module and its associated classes should be updated to bundle and its newely created classes.

You can find the detailed documentation for the bundle module here


API Reference

Installing the SDK

$ pip install thirdweb-sdk

Package Structure

├── abi       // contains autogenerated ABI contract wrappers 
├── errors    // commonly thrown errors
├── modules   // NFT, Currency, Marketplace, Pack, Bundle, etc modules
├── options   // Options classes used throughout the SDK
├──    // NftlabsSdk class, wrapper for the entire package
├── storage   // Distributed file storage helper classes
└── types     // Types consumed by some of the methods exposed in the modules

Calling the modules

You can call the NFTLabs modules by instantiating an SDK object and fetching the module with your contract address like this:

import os
from nftlabs import NftlabsSdk, SdkOptions

sdk = NftlabsSdk(SdkOptions(), "") # polygon testnet as an example

# Assumes your private key is assigned to the `PKEY` environment variable

# Put your NFT contract address here if you want to mint your own NFTs!
nft_module = sdk.get_nft_module("0xbDfF8fb43688fB4D2184DF8029A7238ac1413A24")


Generating ABI wrappers

The abi package contains autogenerated code compiled by the 0xchain abi-gen tool found here.

Our protocols are developer at this repo.

Install the abi-gen cli tool and use it to compile abi wrappers like this:

$ # assumes you have the nftlabs-protocols repo cloned in the parent directory
$ abi-gen --language Python -o nftlabs/abi --abis ../nftlabs-protocols/abi/NFT.json

Anytime there are ABI contract changes, you should regenerate the abi wrappers.

Writing Documentation

This package uses PyDoctor to auto-generate docs. Each method, class and variable should have a detailed description of what it is meant for as a comment enclosed in triple quoation marks (""" """) just below the line they are defined.



def my_method(self, arg1, arg2):
    This part goes into the documentation.
    return arg1 + arg2


This part will not go into the documentation.

def my_method(self, arg1, arg2):
    return arg1 + arg2

Addtionally, each module should also have a docstring at the top of the file. This will be used as a breif descroption of the module on the homepage of the documentation.


1 """Interact with the NFT module of the app""" # docstring
2 # Module code starts from here
3 # ...

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