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Web application for Monte Carlo simulation on nucleation and growth phenomena

Project description


NGPy is a web application that enable online performing and analyzing Monte-Carlo simulations on nucleation and growth phenomena.
It can be also used as a web framework to develop your own web applications.
NGPy is built on top of **Flask**.
NGPy is actually a distributed system since we use **ZEO server** as a database and **redis** server as a message queue.


1. Install


$ easy_install ngpy



$ tar -xvf ngpy-xxx.tar.gz
$ cd ngpy-xxx
$ python install

* Make sure that the NoSQL database **redis** is installed in your system.

* Other dependencies such as **ZODB3**, **WTForm**, **Numpy**, and **Matplotlib** should be taken care by *easy_install*.
If not, try to install them mannually.

2. Start ZEO server


$ runzeo -a<ZEOPORT> -f /path/to/your/Data.fs

* <ZEOPORT> must be an available port number, e.g. 1234

* The **ZEO** server should run at a host that other hosts can connect to.

3. Start redis server


$ redis-server [/path/to/redis.conf]

* The **redis** server should run at a host that other hosts can connect to.

4. Start the task queue daemon


$ simd [-r <server>] [-q <qkey>]

* <server> is the host where you run the **redis** server.
* What **simd** does is that it just picks the messages from **redis** server and process them.
So you can run **simd** at every hosts where you wish to run the task.

5. Start ngpy


$ run-ngpy [-c </path/to/ngpy.cfg>]

The *ngpy.cfg* is the configuration file for **ngpy**.
It is a Python file and will be processed by *Flask*.
Only values in uppercase are actually used.
More details are refered to the **Flask** documentation.

The **ngpy** website should be now served at http://localhost:5000.
You can visit it use any browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.) via
if you are a local visitor, or
if you visit remotely.

Ask for Help

* You can directly contact me at

* You can join the mailinglist by sending an email to and replying to the confirmation mail.
To unsubscribe, send a mail to and reply to the confirmation mail.


* `Website <>`_

* `Development version <>`_

Project details

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