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Python Modules for Next-Generation Sequencing Data Analysis.

Project description

ngslib current release: ngslib 1.1.19

Wiki page moved to GitHub.


  • numpy scientific computation

  • pysam (>0.8.2) SAM/BAM file manipulation

  • argparse (required if Python2.6 is used)

Tested on

  • Python 2.6.* (64-bit)

  • Python 2.7.* (64-bit)

  • CentOS 6.4

  • Fedora 17

  • RedHat 5.5

  • Ubuntu 12.04 (python-dev and libpng-dev are required)


From PyPI:

>>> pip install ngslib


>>> easy_install ngslib

From source:

>>> easy_install --editable  --build-directory . ngslib
>>> cd ngslib
>>> python install

Major modules

  • IO: Read various biological data

  • DB: Build DB for genomic data for fast query.

  • Pipeline: Pipelines built using wrappers of commonly used tools.

  • Bed: Genomic coordinates data format.

  • BedList: A list of Bed instances.

  • TwoBitFile: python module for retrieve fasta sequence from 2bit file.

  • BigWigFile: python module for retrieve Wiggle region from BigWig file.

  • mFile: uniform interface for input types including regular file, sys.stdin/stdout and StringFile.


>>> import ngslib
>>> for tbed in ngslib.IO.BioReader('test.bed','bed'):
        print tbed
>>> bwf = ngslib.DB('','bigwig')
>>> for wig in bwf.fetch('chr1',1000,2000):
        print wig
>>> depth = bwf.pileup('chr1',3000,4000)
>>> bwf.close()


This program is released under GPLv3 license, see LICENSE for more detail.

Project details

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ngslib-1.1.20.tar.gz (1.1 MB view hashes)

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