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NHL Scrapr API for Python

Project description


Provide a Python API for accessing NHL game data including play by play, game summaries, player stats et c. The library hides the guts of the NHL website scraping process and encapsulates not only the data gathering, but data output. This project is inspired by the R package nhlscrapr, an all around must for NHL analytics geeks and R power users.

nhlscrapi is in the early/initial stages, but will be updated regularly. Currently, the package support most of the game summary reports, but all of the important and essential ones.

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Getting started is as easy as:

pip install nhlscrapi

For more information on the setup, see the PyPi: nhlscrapi. The documentation for the package can be found at nhlscrapi: NHL Scraper API.

Usage Example

Scrape data for game 1226 of 2014, Ottawa vs Pittsburgh.

from import Game, GameKey, GameType
from import Score, ShotCt, Corsi, Fenwick

season = 2014                                    # 2013-2014 season
game_num = 1226                                  #
game_type = GameType.Regular                     # regular season game
game_key = GameKey(season, game_type, game_num)

# define stat types that will be counted as the plays are parsed
cum_stats = {
  'Score': Score(),
  'Shots': ShotCt(),
  'Corsi': Corsi(),
  'Fenwick': Fenwick()
game = Game(game_key, cum_stats=cum_stats)

# also http requests and processing are lazy
# accumulators require play by play info so they parse the RTSS PBP
print('Final         : {}'.format(game.cum_stats['Score'].total))
print('Shootout      : {}'.format(game.cum_stats['Score']
print('Shots         : {}'.format(game.cum_stats['Shots'].total))
print('EV Shot Atts  : {}'.format(game.cum_stats['Corsi'].total))
print('Corsi         : {}'.format(game.cum_stats['Corsi'].share()))
print('FW Shot Atts  : {}'.format(game.cum_stats['Fenwick'].total))
print('Fenwick       : {}'.format(game.cum_stats['Fenwick'].share()))

# http req for roster report
# only parses the sections related to officials and coaches
print('\nRefs          : {}'.format(game.refs))
print('Linesman      : {}'.format(game.linesman))
print('  Home        : {}'.format(game.home_coach))
print('  Away        : {}'.format(game.away_coach))

# scrape all remaining reports

Current Release: v0.4.4

This is a pre-release and is not stable and fully fit for production. The first full stable release (v1.0.0) will be made available once the framework for all NHL game reports are completed. Currently, Play-by-Play, Home/Away TOI, Roster, Face-off Comparison and Event Summary reports are functional.


The NHL Scraper API is a free Python library provided under Apache License version 2.0.

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