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Nice extensions for django

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Nice django tools

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Selective dumping and loading of only the needed model data for all objects and their related objects of one or more querysets.

This is done by

  • getting a graph of all relations between models,

  • getting all pks first in chunks,

  • dump them in an order that enables correct loading.


# show model graph parts that would be dumped and those which not:
# example for query model a1.A with relation to child a1.B(A)
./ dump_graph -p -q a -r a.b
               a1-a.b          to child  
               a1-a.f          to foreign          a1-f.a
              to parent 
               a1-b.c          to child  
               a1-b.e          to child  

# dump all objects from a1.models.A.objects.filter() with relation a.b as compact yaml:
./ dump_graph -f dump.yaml -s compact_yaml -q a.filter(pk__in=(1,2)) -r a.b
    - a1-a: [pk]
     - [1]
     - [2]
     - a1-b: [pk]
     - [2]

# load back the dumped dump.yaml
./ load_graph -f dump.yaml -s compact_yaml

# by default serializing into compact csv files is enabled:
mkdir dump_folder
./ dump_graph -f dump_folder -q a.filter(pk__in=(1,2)) -r a.b
#results in two files under dump_folder:
# a1-a.csv:
# and a1-b.csv:

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