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A hackspaces entertainment system

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nichtparasoup is a hackspaces entertainment system. It randomly displays images from instagram, pr0gramm and reddit.
Other crawlers are currently removed, but will be back soon.

If you find an ImageCrawler for your favourite ImageBoard missing, feel free to write an own ImageCrawler therefore.
Contribute it to the nichtparasoup project or write it as an independent plugin :-)


At our hackspace k4cg we use it since years now.
It turns out to be a very non-invasive way of entertaining a crowd of nerds without having the noise and interruptions of videos or other stuff.

Here is what it looks like in your browser screenshot

and even better, on a video projector in your local hackspace! hackspace

How it works

Images are crawled from multiple public pre-configured sources.
No image is actually downloaded, just the URL to images are gathered. Found images are kept in a list, also it is assured that the same URL is never gathered twice.

To display the crawled images, nichtparasoup starts a web-server display a web UI.
The web UI fetches a random image URL from the nichtparasoup server one by one.

The web UI will load new images continuously, unless one of the following events happen:

  • paused manually in the web UI
  • scroll position in web UI is not on top
  • window or tab lost focus
  • web UI is in image theater/zoom mode
  • boss mode is active in web UI

In the web UI the images are downloaded from the original source. Also the original source is linked and marked by an icon. Just hover or click the icon in the bottom right of an image.

Every time nichtparasoup serves an image URL it also removes it from its list. This means an image URL is served only once - unless the server was reset. (This might change in the future)


Visit to try it!

Install, Usage, Config, etc

see the docs.

ImageCrawler (plugin) development

see the docs.


MIT - see the LICENSE file for details.


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