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Slice and scale 9-patch images

Project description

Slice Android style 9-patch images, resize and interactively preview them.

Travis CI

See for a 9-patch description.

Example image


If you want to use the interactive viewer read the additional installation notes under “Interactive viewer”.

$ pip install ninepatch

Python usage

from ninepatch import Ninepatch
ninepatch = Ninepatch('ninepatch_bubble.9.png')
print(ninepatch.content_area)  # content_area(left=23, top=20, right=27, bottom=59)

# render the image to a specific size
scaled_image = ninepatch.render(500, 400) # creates a new PIL image

# render the image so it's content area fits (width, height)
image_fit = ninepatch.render_fit(300, 200)

# render the image so it wraps another PIL image
image_to_wrap ='image_to_wrap.png')
wrapped_image = ninepatch.render_wrap(image_to_wrap)

Command line usage

Your image must be a PNG image with a transparent background. The scale and fill guide color must be 100% opaque black.

Scale and open image in a viewer (PIL

$ ninepatch render ninepatch_bubble.9.png 300 300

Save the scaled image to a new file:

$ ninepatch render ninepatch_bubble.9.png 300 300 scaled.png

Render an image so it’s content area fits a given width and height

$ ninepatch fit ninepatch_bubble.9.png 150 150 fit.png

Render an image to include another image

$ ninepatch wrap ninepatch_bubble.9.png image_to_wrap.png wrapped.png

Slice the 9patch into tiles:

$ ninepatch slice ninepatch_bubble.9.png ./outputdir

Interactive viewer

ninepatch viewer screenshot

Interactively resize and preview an image in a Tkinter viewer:

$ ninepatch_viewer ninepatch_bubble.9.png

or just:

$ ninepatch_viewer

without arguments to see the demo image

If you want to use the viewer then python-pil.imagetk has to be installed.

On Ubuntu do:

$ sudo apt-get install python-pil.imagetk

If you want to install into a virtualenv, pip needs the following packages to compile PIL with Tkinter support:

$  sudo apt-get install python-tk tk8.6-dev

(You can trigger a recompile of PIL with: “pip install -I ninepatch”)


  • new commands fit and wrap courtesy of Nicolas Laurance

  • fixed error in caching

  • optional caching for slice() and render()

  • new method export_slices()

  • changed command line parameters (render/slice)

Project details

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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ninepatch-0.1.20.tar.gz (14.0 kB view hashes)

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