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Nive 3 base package

Project description

Nive application base package

This is the base package. Please refer to 'nive_cms', nive_userdb' or 'nive_datastore' for functional applications.


The package will soon be released as stable 1.0 version. For a better package management the previous nive package has been split up into several smaller packages.

If you are updating from version 0.9.11 or older please read update-0.9.11-to-1.0.txt. Version 0.9.12 is compatible.

Source code

The source code is hosted on github:

The form module nive.components.reform

The reform package is a merge of deform and colander and includes several changes to make form handling easier. Please see nive.components.reform.README.txt for details.


Translations can be extracted using lingua>=3.2

> pip install lingua-3.2
> bin/pot-create -o nive/locale/nive.pot nive


  • default views favicon, robots, sitemap registered if set in configuration
  • favicon redirect


  • fix image filenames conversion
  • text columns > 65535 bytes as medium text
  • static directory vieww module fix
  • FmtSQL added param "extraValues"


  • timezone fixes
  • form, widget updates


  • timezone fixes


  • removed deprecated utils.utils.ReplaceHTMLEntities
  • fix sendmail text encoding


  • static routes as (name, path) tuples
  • beautiful soup default html parser
  • chameleon 3.6.2
  • iface updates
  • tool fixes
  • image converter svg support
  • added file export in json encoder


  • mail transfer encoding fix
  • image converter fix
  • zope.interface version


  • image converter fix, update
  • mail header fix


  • fixes: PIL image fp, search order iface, pool_filename asnumbers with _n postfix


  • iface autofill off by default


Update definitions.ViewModuleConf.static: Static directory. Single or multiple static directories e.g. ({"name":"static1", "path": "module:static", "maxage": 1200})

  • added components.iface
  • postgres timestamp fix
  • pyramid predicate fix
  • form updates and fixes


  • ie browser fixes


  • windows upload path fixes


  • view module cleanup
  • test fixes


  • form datetimeinput html type time
  • form textinput widget added input_type html type attribute value


  • form test fixes


  • translation fix


  • object and container class hirarchy, imports and subclassing refactored (removed nive.components.baseobjects)
  • seperated factory, search and workflow code. Acceess functions via properties .factory, .search, .workflow
  • seperated application configuration and registry code. Access via .registration and .configurationQuery
  • moved nive.forms to nive.components.reform.forms
  • app.root() changed to property app.root
  • nive.adminview moved to nive.components.adminview

Python 3.7 refactor. removed python 2 compatibility


  • maintenance and bugfixes


  • maintenance and bugfixes
  • many improvements


  • refactored previous package nive -> nive, nive_cms, nive_userdb see packages.txt for changed imports

This ('nive') is now the base used for the different applications packages 'nive_cms', nive_userdb' and 'nive_datastore'. Install one of these to get the application you are looking for.

Preparation for 1.0 release


  • new sessionuser with limited functionality for caching
  • added serialize and deserialize callback option
  • user identity field added
  • enabled non-class functions as event callbacks
  • nive.utils.dataPool2.connections refactored
  • added support to view.Assets() for url links e.g.
  • bugfixes and improvements


  • maintenance and bugfixes
  • added IFileStorage interface for file classes used to read and store file data
  • renamed cms.pages.skipColumn parameter to addColumnContents
  • extended definitions.ViewModuleConf with renderer attribute as default for views
  • HTMLForm action button postfix changed to class var actionPostfix
  • nive.container: added afterAdd event, renamed beforeCreate -> beforeAdd


  • bugfixes: sort and ajax response
  • improved column integration
  • css and js assets configureable design.configuration.assets
  • cms editor widgets css updates
  • added sort and cut, copy, paste tests


  • editor ui improvements
  • welcome message
  • scaffolds improved
  • mysql tests improved
  • bugfixes


  • scaffold base64 password bugfix
  • converted cmsview javascript to jquery plugin
  • added cmseditor.js, removed pe.js and overlay.js
  • added cmseditor.css, removed pe.css
  • added Undo() on sql execute exceptions


  • bugfixes and smaller updates
  • serialization and deserialization of lists to json
  • added forms.JsonSequenceForm
  • added controlset option for list form fields


The first beta release. Finally, all major features are included in this release.

  • Boostrap css framework used for the default design
  • Responsive selectors added to box forms and html rendering
  • Fulltext search
  • Ctrl-key disables links in edit mode
  • Updated scaffold for sqlite and mysql
  • many fixed issues and cleanup
  • code moved to github repository

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