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Tools for removing the tedious nature of creating nixpkgs derivations

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python nixpkgs tools

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These are scripts written to remove the tedious nature of creating nix package derivations for nixpkgs. The goal of these scripts is not to create a perfect package derivation but complete as much as possible and guide the user on necessary changes.


usage: python-package-init [-h] [--version VERSION] [--filename FILENAME] [--stdout] [--nixpkgs-root NIXPKGS_ROOT] [-f] package

positional arguments:
  package               pypi package name

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version VERSION     pypi package version (stable if not specified)
  --filename FILENAME   filename for nix derivation
  --stdout              Print the nix derivation to stdout
  --nixpkgs-root NIXPKGS_ROOT
                        Root directory of nixpkgs
  -f, --force           Force creation of file, overwriting when it already exists

python-package-init now has the ability to create a <package-name> = callPackages ../...<package-name> { }; in pkgs/top-level/python-modules.nix and write the default.nix to pkgs/development/python-modules/<package-name>/default.nix with a nearly complete derivation.

Example lets add nixpkgs-pytools to nixpkgs. It is already in nixpkgs so you would need to provide the -f (force) option to force it to be written to nixpkgs.

nix-shell -p nixpkgs-pytools
python-package-init nixpkgs-pytools --nixpkgs-root=<path to nixpkgs>

Creates a default.nix derivation to go into nixpkgs/pkgs/development/python-modules/<pypi-name>/default.nix. This script is overly verbose so that you don't have to remember the name of attributes. Delete the ones that you don't need.

Hacking on these tools

nix-shell will load the correct environment for your usage:


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