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Scrapes the NM Dept of Game and Fish fishing report

Project description

NM Fishing Report

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Scrapes the NM Dept of Game and Fish fishing report


  • Scrapes fishing report into sqlite database
  • Writes to a text file the reports for a specified list of spots
    • Basic Markdown format
    • I use this to output to a Dropbox folder for easy access on mobile
  • Monitors for keywords and can optionally use a custom notification script when those keywords appear in a report


The NM Dept of Game and Fish publishes a biweekly fishing report. This script scrapes the report into a database so I can see how various spots fare throughout the year. It send me a Pushover notification whenever the report for one of my favorite spots has any of the buzzwords I've selected.


  • Python3
  • OS X or Linux
  • See requirements.txt


  1. Copy config-sample.ini (recommended: rename to config.ini, which is .gitignored)
  2. Modify config (see section below)
  3. pip3 install nmfishingreport
  4. python3 -m nmfishingreport -c /path/to/your-config.ini

Development Setup

  1. Clone the repo: git clone && cd nmfishingreport
  2. Make a virtualenv: python3 -m venv .venv
  3. Install dev setup: ./.venv/bin/pip install .[dev]


I recommend you start with config-sample.ini. I've tried to add comments to make it somewhat self-explanatory. A few notes:

  • You'll need to make sure your spelling matches NMDGF for fav_spots.
  • I've included my database file with some reports going back to 2015
    • There are likely several holes from times when the NMDGF updated their website and broke the script or times that my computer wasn't running
    • If you want to want to continue with my existing database, copy it to a more reasonable filename (recommended: fishing_reports.db), and use it as db in your config
    • The filename fishing_reports.db is .gitignore-d
    • I'll try to update the provided file from time to time

Notification config

If you know a bit of Python, you can optionally provide a notification script if you want to get a push notification (or email or what have you) when certain keywords show up in the report for one of your fav_spots. The file should expose a bare function notify that accepts two arguemnts:

  1. A dictionary containing the following keys:
    • spot: the fishing spot triggering the notification
    • report: the text of that spot's fishing report
    • url: the URL for the fishing report
  2. The path to your config file

Because it accepts a path to your config file, you can add a section to your config file to include usernames and passwords for the notification script if needed. For example, in the extras/ directory I've included my (working) for Pushover -- it pulls my Pushover credentials from my config file, which is kept out of version control.

Be forewarned that nmfishingreport loads the notification script to execing its contents, which I'm sure could have security ramifications or lead to data loss if you aren't careful. Leave the NOTIFY section out of your config to avoid this entirely.


  • NM Dept of Game and Fish!

Troubleshooting / FAQ / Examples

  • How can I get info out of an sqlite database?
    • I'm not terribly good at sqlite either, so here's how to convert it to a csv file that you can open in your spreadsheet app of choice:
      • sqlite3 -header -csv fishing_reports.db "SELECT * FROM nm_fishing_reports;" > fishingreport.csv
  • Some other ideas on looking at the contents:
    • Dump all reports to your screen:
      • sqlite3 fishing_reports.db 'SELECT * FROM nm_fishing_reports;'
    • Show the 10 most recent reports:
      • sqlite3 fishing_reports.db 'SELECT * FROM nm_fishing_reports ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT 10;'
    • Show the 5 most recent reports for the Jemez waters:
      • sqlite3 fishing_reports.db 'SELECT date, report FROM nm_fishing_reports WHERE spot LIKE "%Jemez%" ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT 5;'
    • Show the most recent spot to have had the word "excellent" in the report:
      • sqlite3 fishing_reports.db 'SELECT date, spot FROM nm_fishing_reports WHERE report LIKE "% excellent %" ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT 1;'
    • Show what times of year the Jemez fishing has been "very good" or "excellent":
      • sqlite3 fishing_reports.db 'SELECT date FROM nm_fishing_reports WHERE (report LIKE "% very good %" OR report LIKE "% excellent %") AND spot LIKE "%Jemez%";'
  • How can I run nmfishingreport automatically?
    • If you're on OS X, I've included an example launchd plist in extras/

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