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Demos for the Neural Network Design & Deep Learning books

Project description


This is a set of demonstrations paired with the Neural Network Design & Neural Network Design: Deep Learning books written in Python.


nndesigndemos is supported on macOS, Linux and Windows. It uses PyQt6, so your OS version needs to be compatible with it. If you get an installation error, this is most likely the reason.

  • For Linux platform, if you meet the following or similar problems when you install the nndesigndemos or run the code after installing it:

    qt.qpa.plugin: Could not load the Qt platform plugin "xcb" in "" even though it was found.
    This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.
    Available platform plugins are: eglfs, offscreen, wayland, wayland-egl, linuxfb, minimal, xcb, minimalegl, vkkhrdisplay, vnc.
    Aborted (core dumped)

    you need to install a plugin first using command line:

    sudo apt-get install -y libxcb-cursor-dev

Installing via pip

The quick way is simply to install via pip install nndesigndemos, which works in most cases.

The recommended way is to create a virtual environment to avoid dependency issues. Here is an easy way to do so:

python3 -m venv env
source env/bin/activate  # macOS/Linux
env\Scripts\activate.bat  # Windows
pip install nndesigndemos

To deactivate the virtual environment, just type deactivate.


All the demos start from the same main menu, which can be accessed by entering the Python Shell and running

from nndesigndemos import nndtoc

After doing so, a window will pop up, and you will be able to navigate the demos listed by book and then by chapter.

There are some demos that have sound, so if you want to mute them just run nndtoc(play_sound=False) instead.

The original software for these demos runs on MATLAB, so for every section of the Neural Network Design book where you see the MATLAB logo, there will be a corresponding Python demo in this package. The second book is in progress.

If you are using multiple monitors and switching between them, you may need to restart your computer to avoid scaling issues.


These are the packages needed to run all the demos. These specific versions are known to work, but this does not mean older or newer versions will cause any issues.

  • Python 3.8+
  • PyQt6 6.5.2
  • NumPy 1.25.2
  • SciPy 1.11.1
  • Matplotlib 3.7.2


nndesigndemos is available under MIT license.

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