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nndownload allows you to process videos and other links from Niconico.

Project description



nndownload allows you to download videos, images, manga, and process other links from Niconico, formerly known as Nico Nico Douga. Unlike other existing downloaders, this program communicates wth DMC (Dwango Media Cluster) servers to ensure access to high quality videos.


  • If you do not have a premium account, you may download low quality videos during economy mode hours (typically 12 PM - 2 AM JST) or during other periods of high traffic.
  • When downloading without a login (using -g/--no-login), some videos may not be available for download or may only be available in a lower quality.
  • Running multiple download sessions on the same connection may lead to temporary blocks or throttling.
  • These functions are not currently supported:
    • Downloading Niconama timeshifts
    • Downloading Seiga thumbnails and comments
    • Downloading channel blog comments


  • Download videos with comments, thumbnails, and metadata
  • Download Seiga images and manga with metadata
  • Download channel videos or blogs with metadata
  • Download mylists
  • Download a user's videos, mylists, illustrations, or manga
  • Generate stream URLs for Niconama broadcasts
  • Download videos faster using multiple threads
  • Process lists of URLs from text files


Python version

  • Python >=3.5.3


  • aiohttp
  • aiohttp-socks
  • beautifulsoup4
  • requests
  • mutagen
  • setuptools
  • urllib3


pip install nndownload

Binaries for Windows are available on the releases page.



usage: [options] input

positional arguments:
  input                 URLs or files

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -u EMAIL/TEL, --username EMAIL/TEL
                        account email address or telephone number
  -p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
                        account password
  --session-cookie COOKIE
                        session cookie
  -n, --netrc           use .netrc authentication
  -q, --quiet           suppress output to console
  -l, --log             log output to file
  -v, --version         show program's version number and exit

download options:
  -y PROXY, --proxy PROXY
                        http or socks proxy
  -o TEMPLATE, --output-path TEMPLATE
                        custom output path (see template options)
  -r N, --threads N     download videos using a specified number of threads
  -g, --no-login        create a download session without logging in
  -f, --force-high-quality
                        only download if the high quality video source is available
  -a, --add-metadata    add metadata to video file (MP4 only)
  -m, --dump-metadata   dump metadata to file
  -t, --download-thumbnail
                        download video thumbnail
  -c, --download-comments
                        download video comments
  -e, --english         request video on english site
  -aq AUDIO_QUALITY, --audio-quality AUDIO_QUALITY
                        specify audio quality
  -vq VIDEO_QUALITY, --video-quality VIDEO_QUALITY
                        specify video quality
  -s, --skip-media      skip downloading media
  --playlist-start N    specify the index to start a playlist from (begins at 0)


import nndownload

url = ""
output_path = "/tmp/{id}.{ext}"
nndownload.execute("-g", "-o", output_path, url)

Custom Output Paths

Custom filepaths are constructed like standard Python template strings, e.g. {uploader} - {title}.{ext}. For Seiga manga, the output path should be the template for a chapter directory, e.g. {manga_id}\{id} - {title}. The available options are:

  • comment_count (videos, images, manga, articles)
  • description (videos, images, manga)
  • document_url (videos, images, manga, articles)
  • ext (videos, images, articles)
  • id (videos, images, manga, articles)
  • published (videos, images, manga, articles)
  • tags (videos, images, manga, articles)
  • title (videos, images, manga, articles)
  • uploader (videos, images, manga, articles)
  • uploader_id (videos, images, manga, articles)
  • url (videos, images)
  • view_count (videos, images, manga)
  • audio_quality (videos)
  • video_quality (videos)
  • article (articles)
  • blog_title (articles)
  • clip_count (images)
  • duration (videos)
  • manga_id (manga)
  • manga_title (manga)
  • mylist_count (videos)
  • page_count (manga)
  • size_high (videos)
  • size_low (videos)
  • thread_id (videos)
  • thread_key (videos)
  • thread_params (videos)
  • thumbnail_url (videos)

Using Stream Links

After generating a stream URL, the program must be kept running to keep the stream active. mpv and streamlink are the best options for playing generated stream URLs. Other programs that use aggressive HLS caching and threading may also work.

mpv https://... streamlink https://... best

Known Bugs

  • Check open issues.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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