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A simple pythonic wrapper for the Nobel Prize API.

Project description

A simple Python wrapper for the Nobel Prize API.


First, initialize the API wrapper:

import nobel
api = nobel.Api()

Now you have access to the resources defined by the API (prizes, laureates and countries) and their methods.

For example, to list all laureates:

>>> for laureate in api.laureates.all():
...     print '%s (%s)' % (laureate, laureate.born_country)

To filter (check the Nobel Prize API documentation for all available filtering parameters):

>>> api.laureates.filter(gender='female', born_country='Iran')
[<Laureate id=773>, <Laureate id=817>]
>>> api.prizes.filter(year=1969)
[<Prize category="physics" year=1969>, <Prize category="chemistry" year=1969>,
<Prize category="medicine" year=1969>, <Prize category="literature" year=1969>,
<Prize category="peace" year=1969>, <Prize category="economics" year=1969>]

To retrieve a single resource:

>>> laureate = api.laureates.get(id=26)
>>> laureate.firstname
>>> laureate.surname
>>> laureate.prizes
[<Prize category="physics" year=1921>]
>>> laureate.born_country
<Country code="DE" name="Germany">
>>> laureate.died_country
<Country code="US" name="USA">

>>> prize = api.prizes.get(year=2000, category='economics')
>>> print ", ".join([str(l) for l in prize.laureates])
James J. Heckman, Daniel L. McFadden

As you can see, every Prize object is given a laureates attribute populated with a list of its Laureate objects. Likewise, every Laureate objects is given a prizes attribute with Prize objects.

Attributes and query parameters in the Nobel Prize API are mixedCase, but this wrapper uses the more pythonic lower_case_with_underscores style and takes care of the conversion when filtering and accessing attributes.


To install Nobel, simply:

$ pip install nobel


  • Documentation and full reference
  • Tests
  • More ORM-ish stuff, like filtering using Prize, Laureate or Country objects as arguments
  • Add relation attributes, like affiliations.


This is inspired by the beautifully written hipchat-api wrapper.

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