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Determenistic password generator

Project description

nopassword is a determenistic two factor password generator for the command line


pip install nopassword


The generated passwords are stored in your clipboard, enter a seed/key to generate a password

nopassword seed


Generate password using “facebook” as seed

nopassword facebook

Generate password using “github” as seed

nopassword github

As this is determenistic, “github” again will generate the same result

nopassword github

Commandline help

nopassword --help
Usage: /usr/local/bin/nopassword [OPTIONS] SEED

Required arguments:
 SEED                      Seed to generate password

Optional arguments:
 -a  --alphabet=ascii      Character set used: [alphanumeric, ascii, digits]
 -l  --length=73           Length of generated passwords
 -k  --keyfile=default     Keyfile to use
 -i  --itterations=113     Number of itterations

 -h  --help                Display options and commands
 -g  --generate            Generate new keyfile

Change alphabet to alphanumeric

nopassword github -a=alphanumeric

Set password length to 10

nopassword github -l=10 -a=alphanumeric

Set itterations 10

nopassword github -l=10 -a=alphanumeric -i=10

Set itterations 11, result different

nopassword github -l=10 -a=alphanumeric -i=11

Generate new keyfile

nopassword -k=my_organisation -g
Keyfile my_organisation created

Use keyfile

nopassword github -l=10 -a=alphanumeric -i=11 -k=my_organisation


Keyfiles are stored in json format in the ~/.nopassword/ directory. Keyfiles kan be shared between devices and individuals, copy the .json file.

ls -lh ~/.nopassword/
total 216K
-r-------- 1 oskar oskar 99K apr 11 12:31 default.json
-r-------- 1 oskar oskar 99K apr 11 19:21 my_organisation.json

Two factor password generator?

I’d like to think so. Something you got: key file and something you know: seed, iterations and alphabet.

So for a attacker to be able to generate your password they need the keyfile and the parameters.

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