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Nose plugin for allure framework

Project description

Allure Nose Adaptor

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It is a port of pytest-allure-adaptor for nose framework.


nosetests --with-allure --logdir=/path/to/put/results
nosetests --with-allure --logdir=/path/to/put/results --not-clear-logdir

Option “–not-clear-logdir” is useful with option “–processes” to prevent cleaning of logdr at the end of testing.

Supported features


To attach some content to test report:

import nose

def test_foo():
    nose.allure.attach('my attach', 'Hello, World')


To divide a test into steps:

import nose

def test_foo():
    with nose.allure.step('step one'):
        # do stuff

    with nose.allure.step('step two'):
        # do more stuff

Can also be used as decorators. By default step name is generated from method name:

import nose

def make_test_data_foo():
    # do stuff

def test_foo():
    assert make_some_data_foo() is not None

def make_some_data_bar():
    # do another stuff

def test_bar():
    assert make_some_data_bar() is not None


You can provide test environment parameters such as report name, browser or test server address to allure test report.

import nose

def test_dummy():
    nose.allure.environment(report='Allure report', browser=u'Firefox')


Any test, class or module can be marked with different severity:

import nose

class TestBar(object):

    def test_bar(self):

# custom severity
def test_bar(self):

To run tests with concrete priority:

nosetests my_tests/ --with-allure --logdir=tmp --severity="critical, hard"


Issues can be set for test.

import nose

def test_foo():
    assert False

Features & Stories

Feature and Story can be set for test.

import nose

def test_minor():
    assert False

class TestBar(object):

    def test_bar(self):

To run tests by Feature or Story:

nosetests my_tests/ --with-allure --logdir=tmp --feature="Feature1, Feature2"
nosetests my_tests/ --with-allure --logdir=tmp --feature="Feature1, Feature2" --story="Story1, Story2"

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