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A nosetests plugin to format and colorize test failure output for readability.

Project description


A nosetests plugin to format and colorize test failure output for readability.

Without dehaze:

without dehaze

With dehaze:

with dehaze


pip install nose-dehaze


Load the plugin explicitly when calling nosetests:

nosetests --dehaze

or set the environment variable:

export NOSE_DEHAZE=1


Supported unittest assert methods:

  • assertEqual
  • assertNotEqual
  • assertEquals
  • assertDictEqual
  • assertSetEqual
  • assertTupleEqual
  • assertListEqual
  • assertSequenceEqual
  • assertIs
  • assertIsNot
  • assertIsNone
  • assertIsNotNone
  • assertIsInstance
  • assertNotIsInstance
  • assertTrue
  • assertFalse

Mocks assert methods:

  • assert_called_once
  • assert_called_once_with
  • assert_not_called
  • assert_called_with
  • assert_has_calls

Currently, diff colorization output can vary, especially for more complex assert comparisons such as large, nested dicts. This is a side effect of the way dehaze calculates diffs by utilizing difflib and passing in stringified expected/actual values.


Refer to Makefile for commands to test, autoformat, lint, typecheck, etc.

pip install -r requirements.txt       # minimum to run code
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt   # for autoformat, lint, type checking, debugging
pip install -r requirements-test.txt  # for running tests


# simply run tests
make test

# run tests with all supported python versions
make test-all

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