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Text-based note taker

Project description

nota is an open-source application for organizing textual notes and associated meta-information that may be used for later retrieval. See for documentation on installing and using nota.

Version history

  • 0.8.12: permit empty lines in output.

  • 0.8.11: default pager to 'none'. (I was seeing problems in macos. Perhaps the arguments to 'less' have changed.)

  • 0.8.10: add -p argument (for piping output of single notes)

  • 0.8.9: only show hints if --hints arg is given

  • 0.8.8: only mention trash if nothing in main

  • 0.8.7: improve time formatting

  • 0.8.6: remove string-decode bug (from python3 switch); try pypi description

  • 0.8.1: switch from python2 to python3

  • 0.8.0: attachments

  • 0.7.9: aesthetic improvements

  • 0.7.8: aesthetic improvements

  • 0.7.7: --recent improved

  • 0.7.6: --markdown improvements; --recent added

  • 0.7.5: indicate ages in relative manner

  • 0.7.4: fix bug in note age

  • 0.7.3: improve note age format

  • 0.7.2: do not store empty notes

  • 0.7.1: add --pager argument (helps with long output)

  • 0.7.0: notes may be organized into books

  • 0.6.0: improve command arguments, esp. relating to searching and trash

  • 0.5.x: first releases to

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nota-0.8.12.tar.gz (34.0 kB view hashes)

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