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A VIM-inspired note manager for the console

Project description


A VIM-inspired note manager for the console

Noted uses an encrypted SQLite database to store your notes.

Note that noted is not yet considered stable, and should not be used in an application where data integrity is important.


Getting started

Noted requires Python 3


To install noted:

$ pip3 install noted-cli --user


Start noted. At first startup you will get prompted to setup an encryption passphrase used to encrypt your notes:

$ noted
Setup your encrypted passphrase:

Key reference

Noted is using VIM-like key bindings to perform actions.


Key Action
q Exit
j Select next note
k Select previous note
n Create new note
<Enter> Open the note for editing
g Go to first note
G Go to last note
d Delete note
o Toggle direction of ordering
O Cycle through ordering criterias (title, updated/created at, tags)
l Enter TAG mode
A Enter ADD_TAG mode
/ Enter SEARCH mode

TAG mode

Key Action
<Escape> or t Back to NORMAL mode
a Enter ADD_TAG mode
h Select previous tag on current note
l Select next tag on current note
x or d Delete selected tag on current note
j Select next note
k Select previous note

ADD_TAG mode

Key Action
<Escape> Back to TAG mode
<Enter> Add tag
<Tab> Fill tag name from auto complete


Key Action
<Escape> Back to NORMAL mode, or clear search input if not changed
<Enter> Commit to search

Searching for notes

When searching for notes, noted will look in the note content. To only search for notes with certain tags, you can use brackets to express that you want to match tags rather than content. Example:

/[home] stuff

This will match all notes that contain the text "stuff", and has a tag named "home".

You can use the same pattern to exclude tags. Example:

/[home]![completed] stuff

This will match all notes that contain the text "stuff", has a tag named "home", but doesn't have a tag named "completed".


You should be able to automate, import/export your notes as your wish. Noted provides noted-cli executable to manage notes from CLI as well*. Example:

$ noted-cli --format json list-note --search stuff

* This feature is currently not a full 1:1 mapping of the capabilities of the TUI. Please refer roadmap for more information.


  • Save search queries
  • Change encryption passphrase.
  • List and edit existing tags
  • Delete tag entity when removing last use of tag from note.
  • Tag auto complete when using tag object notation in search field.
  • Configure editor (using xdg-open?).
  • Safer way of opening database file to increase privacy/security.
  • Configure custom keymap
  • Utilize GnuPG for encryption of database and files?

Known bugs/issues

  • Cannot edit note on macOS. Issue due to tmpfs removing file before we get the chance to read it?
  • Log file gets created in cwd.
  • Saving an empty note causes SQLite exception.
  • Curses doesn't restore terminal after VIM has been opened in some cases (may be caused by some VIM plugin).


Setup development environment

  1. Clone repository
  2. Setup virtual env and install dependencies:
cd noted-cli
virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

LOGLEVEL=DEBUG python3 noted


You can enable the debug log by launching noted with the environment variable LOGLEVEL set to DEBUG.

Example: LOGLEVEL=DEBUG noted

The default log level is set to WARNING.

Project details

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