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Email notifications on task completion

Project description

This module is just a neat little context manager that can notify you via email to your email account when its body is completed. Example usage:

from notifyme import notify

with notify('Long, laborious task'):
    # Perform long, laborious task

Once the long, laborious task is done, you will receive an email saying “Long, laborious task completed.”.

It also comes with a CLI. You simply run notifyme [command ...] to run the command and get an email on completion.

Installation, Configuration, and Use

To install, simply use the command pip install notifyme. To configure this module with your email server settings, create a file in your home directory called .notifyme with contents like the following:

email = <your-email-here>
host = <smtp-hostname-here>
port = <smtp-port-here>
username = <only-if-different-from-email>
password = <password-here>
security = <SSL or TLS or NONE>

You’ll have to look up your configuration details from your email provider. After you fill this out and save it, you’ll also want to protect it from access by other users, which you can do with the following command:

chmod 600 ~/.notifyme

And you’re done! You can now use the module within Python code as a context manager, or on the command line for any program you’d like.


This project is released under the Revised BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.

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