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python library for the novem data visualisation platform

Project description

novem - data visualisation for coders

A wrapper library for the data visualisation platform. Create charts, documents e-mails and dashboards through one simple api.

NB: novem is currently in closed alpha, if you want to try it out please reach out to


Create a linechart from a dataframe using pandas data reader

from pandas_datareader import data
from novem import Plot

line = Plot("aapl_price_hist", type="line", name="Apple price history")

# Only get the adjusted close.
aapl = data.DataReader("AAPL",
                       data_source="yahoo")["Adj Close"]

# send data to the plot

# url to view plot

Getting started

To get started with novem you'll have to register an account, currently this can be done by reaching out to the novem developers on

Once you have a username and password you can setup your environment using:

  python -m novem --init

In additon to invoking the novem module as shown above, the novem package also includes an extensive command-line interface (cli). Check out in this repostiory or for more details.

Creating a plot

Novem represents plots as a Plot class that can be imported from the main novem package from novem import Plot.

The plot class takes a single mandatory positional argument, the name of the plot.

  • If the plot name is new, the instantiation of the class will create the plot.
  • If the plot name already exist, then the new object will operate on the existing plot.

In addition to the name, there are two broad categories of options for a plot, data and config:

  • The data contains the actual information to visualise (usually in the form of numeric csv)
  • Config, which contains information about the visual such as:
    • Type (bar, line, donut, map etc)
    • Titles/captions/names/colors/legends/axis etc

There are two ways to interact with the plots, one can either supply all the neccessary options as named arguments when creating the plot, or use the property accessors to modfity them one by one (this is more helpful when working with the plot in an interactive way). Below is an example of the two approaches.

from novem import Plot

# everything in the constructor
barchart = Plot(<name>, \
  type="bar", \
  title="barchart title", \
  caption = "caption"

# property approach
barchart = Plot("plot_name")
barchart.type = "bar"
barchart.title = "barchart title"
barchart.caption = "caption"

In addition to setting individual properties, the plot object is also callable. This means that the resulting plot can be used as a function, either by being provided data as an argument, or used as part of a pipe chain.

from novem import Plot
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

# construct some random sample data
df = pd.DataFrame(np.random.randn(100, 4), columns=list("ABCD")).cumsum()

line = Plot("new_line", type="line")

# alternative one, setting data explicitly to a csv string = df.to_csv()

# or let the plot invoke the to_csv = df

# alternative two, calling Plot with a csv string

# alternative three calling the Plot with an object that has a to_csv function

# or

NB: All novem plot operations are live. This means that as soon as you write to or modify any aspects of the plot object, those changes are reflected on the novem server and anyone watching the plot in real time.

Contribution and development

The novem python library and platform is under active development, contributions or issues are most welcome.

For guidelines on how to contribute, please check out the file in this repository.


This python library is licensed under the MIT license, see the LICENSE file for details

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