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NEANIAS Planetary Tools

Project description

NEANIAS Planetary Tools

This Python library provides the data/metadata processing tools running in NEANIAS/MEEO backend planetary data store. We are handling data provided by NASA/USGS Planetary Data System (PDS).

Main tools:

  • search: query PDS' Orbital Data Explorer (ODE) using a bounding-box or a Product-ID.
  • download: download data and metadata files from search
  • reduce: process data from ODE to our data storing level (science-ready, GeoTIFF)
  • mosaic: provide different functions for spatial mosaic'ing (GDAL, Rasterio, xarray)

General tools:

  • isis: ISIS utilities, primarily used during reduce PDS files
  • utils: misc utilities (data I/O, formatting, temp files support, etc.)
  • pipelines: ADAM-DPS specific interface


Installing the latest stable version on Pypi:

$ pip install npt

Installing a specific version from Github:

$ pip install

Or, for developers, directly from a local copy of this repository:

$ git clone
$ cd npt
$ pip install -e .


  • What's for datasets?:
> import npt
> help(npt.datasets)

Help on package npt.datasets in npt:

    npt.datasets - Datasets dynamic import


        Return descriptors set for given 'dataset'

        Return filters set for given 'dataset'

        Return (sorted) list of available datasets


  • List the available datasets:
> npt.datasets.list()

  • How to search for data products for a given dataset:
> import npt
> help(

Help on package in npt:

NAME - Query USGS/ODE API for image data products


    ode(dataset: str, bbox: dict, match: str = 'intersect', bbox_ref: str = 'C0')
        Return GeoDataFrame with found data products as features

        - dataset: name of the dataset (see `npt.datasets`)
        - bbox: bounding-box to query overlapping products.
                Dictionary keys: minlat, maxlat, westlon, eastlon;
                Latitude/longitude values range: (-90:90, -180:180)
        - match: how to consider overlapping matching footprints.
                 Options are: 'intersect', 'contain'
        - bbox_ref: if 'C0' (default), 'bbox' longitudes are centered at 0 (-180:180),
                    if 'C180', 'bbox' longitudes are centered at 180 (0:360).

    log = <Logger npt (INFO)>


  • Search HiRISE, for example:
> # Define the dataset and region to query for images
> dataset = 'mars/mro/hirise/rdrv11'
> bbox = dict(
    westlon = -1,
    eastlon = 1,
    minlat = -1,
    maxlat = 1
> # Search ODE
> gdf =, bbox)
INFO:_ode.parse(): 11 products found
> # Print search results
> gdf
id mission    inst  ... image_kbytes                                          label_url                                         browse_url
0   PSP_007361_1800_RED     MRO  HIRISE  ...       454599
1   ESP_023672_1805_RED     MRO  HIRISE  ...       519022
2   ESP_023817_1800_RED     MRO  HIRISE  ...       219534
3   ESP_026507_1815_RED     MRO  HIRISE  ...       750494
4   ESP_029962_1800_RED     MRO  HIRISE  ...       193796
5   ESP_030463_1800_RED     MRO  HIRISE  ...       799775
6   ESP_039562_1800_RED     MRO  HIRISE  ...      1400359
7   ESP_041909_1800_RED     MRO  HIRISE  ...       290510
8   ESP_042542_1790_RED     MRO  HIRISE  ...       420884
9   ESP_044876_1800_RED     MRO  HIRISE  ...       390014
10  ESP_055359_1800_RED     MRO  HIRISE  ...       319407
> # Print out first record
> gdf.iloc[0]
id                                                         PSP_007361_1800_RED
mission                                                                    MRO
inst                                                                    HIRISE
type                                                                    RDRV11
Target_name                                                               MARS
Footprints_cross_meridian                                                 True
Map_scale                                                                  0.5
Center_latitude                                                        -0.0145
Center_longitude                                                        0.0069
Easternmost_longitude                                                  359.989
Westernmost_longitude                                                   0.0249
Minimum_latitude                                                       -0.2453
Maximum_latitude                                                        0.2164
Emission_angle                                                        0.172712
Incidence_angle                                                      44.124317
Phase_angle                                                          43.953009
Solar_longitude                                                       34.80857
Observation_time                                       2008-02-21T00:58:55.081
Product_creation_time                                  2010-04-07T02:11:12.000
UTC_start_time                                         2008-02-21T00:58:50.835
UTC_stop_time                                          2008-02-21T00:58:59.328
geometry                     POLYGON ((0.0797 -0.2343, -0.011 -0.2453, -0.0...
image_kbytes                                                            454599
Name: 0, dtype: object



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