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software for downloading and handling sequence data from NRC-LIMS website

Project description



NRC-LIMS-Datadownloader is a software written in Python. This software explores the NRC-LIMS website, downloads all the sequence files, and keeps the meta data of all the sequences in a sqlite database.

The list of the tasks performed by the software:

  1. Scrapes the NRC-LIMS website to get a list of all the completed sequence runs and all information related to sequence runs and sequence files.
  2. Obtains new runs that were not been previously downloaded or re-processed/modified runs by checking each sequence run against the database.
  3. Download each new/re-processed run's data and subsequently unzips the file to obtain demultiplexed fastq files
  4. Renames each fastq file to the submitted sample name from the sequencing run information page.
  5. Generates a SHA256 code for each fastq file and gzips the file
  6. Inserts information about newly downlaoded runs and files into database


  • Python 2.7
  • VirtualEnv
  • GNU Make

Deployment Procedures

  • Create and start the virtual enviroment

    cd path/to/your/folder
    virtualenv -p /path/to/python2.7 venv
    source venv/bin/activate

  • Install the program and all the dependencies

    pip install nrc_ngs_dl

  • Copy the sample configuration file config.ini.sample to config.ini and provide the required settings

    cp venv/bin/config.ini.sample config.ini
    vim config.ini

  • Run the program

    cd path/to/your/folder
    source venv/bin/activate
    lims_downloader -c config.ini

Set up the HCRON service

  • Get the permission to access by opening an IT centre ticket with message:

    HPC Dorval - Supercomputing - DC000131
    Please register my account chz001 to use hcron on:

  • Setup Passwordless Login
    mkdir -p ~/.ssh
    chmod -R 700 ~/.ssh
    cd ~/.ssh
    ssh-keygen -q -t rsa
    cat ~/.ssh/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_key

  • Create the home for your hcron events:

    bash-4.1$ mkdir -p ~/.hcron/

  • Create a hcron event file (file downloader as an example) :

    bash-4.1$ cd ~/.hcron/
    bash-4.1$ hcron-event downloader

  • Configure the event file to run the program nightly (file downloader as an example):

    bash-4.1$ cat ~/.hcron/
    command=bash -l -c /space/project/grdi/eco/groups/mbb/chz001/dataDownloader/
    notify_message=message from hcron

  • Command file(

    bash-4.1$ cat /space/project/grdi/eco/groups/mbb/chz001/dataDownloader/
    echo "start at date" >> $HOME/check_step
    cd /space/project/grdi/eco/groups/mbb/chz001/dataDownloader
    source venv/bin/activate
    lims_downloader -c config.ini
    echo "end at date" >> $HOME/check_step

  • Getting Your Environment Right

    "The brute force way is to run a shell as a login shell, which will provide an environment almost equivalent to an interactive session"
    command=bash -l -c "<commands here>"
    note: from my test, the trick works for host=, but not for

  • Connect to hcron server

    bash-4.1$ ssh

  • Load your hcron events

    chz001@hcron1: hcron-reload

SQLite database

Three tables are maintained in this database. Tables will be updated when the program is run.

  1. data_packages: to keep all the information about each sequence run (run-name,....)
  2. data_files: to keep all the information about each sequence file, include information scrapped from webpage, checksum(SHA256), original name and new name of the file, etc.
  3. program_action: to keep all the information of every time the application is run, like failures, successes, urls scraped/attempted, timestamps, sequence runs downloaded.

Project details

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