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  • Library of core functions for the statistics of nonlinear systems.
  • Methods were originally described in two papers [1,2] by Nelson and Umarov.
  • Subsequent developments [3-5] refined the definition of nonlinear statistical coupling to be the inverse of the degree of freedom and strength of fluctuations defined by the relative variance of an expontial distribution with fluctuations in the standard deviation defined by a gamma distribution.
  • Applications include a variety of Complex Decision Systems including information fusion [6-8], machine learning [9, 10], and generalized information metrics [11, 12]


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[12] K. P. Nelson, “Assessing Probabilistic Inference by Comparing the Generalized Mean of the Model and Source Probabilities,” Entropy, vol. 19, no. 6, p. 286, Jun. 2017.

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