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NTI Nikola Chameleon

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An extremely flexible template system for the Nikola static blog system using Chameleon, and z3c.macro

A basic template using this system is available in base-chameleon, and an extension of that using bootstrap3 is available in bootstrap3-chameleon.

Documentation is hosted at


Nikola uses a custom mechanism to find plugins instead of using the usual pkg_resources system. That makes it incredibly difficult to install plugins; it’s not enough just to pip install a package from PyPI. Instead, you must also copy a .plugin file to a particular location on disk. This can be:

  • ~/.nikola/plugins/
  • The plugins directory of your Nikola site.

Beside that ‘.plugin’ file there must also be a ‘.py’ file of the same name that the plugin lists as a module (yes, even though the plugin file specifically requests a Python module, yapsy requires that it be a file or directory beside the plugin file—so not really a module).

It’s ridiculous to require everyone to copy plugins into their plugin folder (they’re not even correctly on sys.path, meaning that zope.configuration and many other tools won’t work) and we don’t plan to let Nikola do that automatically (we’re not on the Nikola plugin index and won’t be until they let us do standard installs), so the best we can do is attempt to workaround yapsy’s limitations.

Into your site’s plugin directory, place the following .py file:

from nti.nikola_chameleon import *

Beside that, you’ll need a nti.nikola_chameleon.plugin file:

# -*- mode: conf; -*-
Name = nti.nikola_chameleon
Module = nti_nikola_chameleon

Author = NextThought
Version = 1.0
Website =
Description = Support for Chameleon ZPT templates.

PluginCategory = Template


1.0.0 (2018-05-26)

  • Posts that have a true value for has_math will now implement the IMathJaxPost interface when used as the context.
  • Index pages that have any posts using MathJax will now have a context object that implements IMathJaxPostList.
  • Add a view for getting CSS data. Currently it has context/@@post_css/pagekind_class.
  • Update to Nikola 8; drop support for Python 2.7.
  • Add interfaces.IRootPage which is added to pages for which the metadata field nti-extra-page-kind is set to root.
  • Make the featured list available to all pages, not just index pages. Together with the IRootPage this can be used to promote blog posts to the root index.html.
  • Add embedded_content to the @@post_text view.
  • Initial support for template-based shortcodes. See

0.0.1a2 (2017-10-14)

  • Map the Nikola messages function onto the native i18n functionality of Chamleon. Attributes like i18n:translate are now preferred to explicit calls to options/messages when possible.

  • Add support for viewlets. Several default viewlet managers are supplied, and a ZCML directive <browser:newViewletManager> is provided so themes can create new viewlet managers:

    <browser:newViewletManager id="ILeftColumn" />
        provides=".viewlets.ILeftColumn" />
  • Add a path adapter to easily get formatted dates from a post, either a static format (post/formatted_date:webiso) or dynamically from a variable (post/formatted_date:?date_format).

  • Add a view to get the text of a post, respecting teaser settings: post/@@post_text/content.

  • Move feed support to a @@feeds view for headers, and a viewlet for body:

  • Add a view interface (ICommentKind) for comment systems. Only Disqus is currently supported. Note that this may move in the future to be a layer.

0.0.1a1 (2017-10-09)

  • Preliminary PyPI release. While this package is functional, it is not yet documented sufficiently to be of general use. It is also not expected to be fully stable.

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