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CLI tool to easily get NTRIP caster information

Project description

NTRIP Browser Build Status

A Python API for browsing NTRIP (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol).


  • pager
  • geopy
  • pycurl
  • cchardet
  • texttable
  • Python 2.6–2.7 & 3.4–3.6


  • make sure that you have libcurl installed

  • pip install ntripbrowser

  • or clone and run make install

  • If you are looking for the last Python2 version of this package, checkout onto v2.2.3 tag. Python2 support will be discontinued in future releases.

    git checkout v2.2.3

libcurl installation hints

  • installation via apt:

       apt-get install libssl-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev python-dev


ntripbrowser [-h] [-p] [-t] [-c] host

positional arguments:  
  host                  NTRIP source table host address

optional arguments:  
  -h, --help            Show this help message and exit  
  -p, --port            Set url port. Standard port is 2101  
  -t, --timeout         Add timeout  
  -c, --coordinates     Add NTRIP station distance to this coordinate
  -M  --maxdist         Only report stations less than this number of km away
                        from given coordinate

CLI workflow example:

ntripbrowser -p 443 -t 5 -c 1.0 2.0 -M 4000

Package API

Workflow example:

browser = NtripBrowser(host, port=2101, timeout=5)
browser.get_mountpoints() = another_host


  • host

NTRIP caster host. Standard port is 2101, use :port optional argument to set another one.

Optional arguments:

  • port

NTRIP caster port.

  • timeout

Use timeout to define, how long to wait for a connection to NTRIP caster.

  • coordinates

Use coordinates to pass your position coordinates in function and get distance to NTRIP station.
Form of coordiantes must be (x, y) or (x.x, y.y) of latitude, longitude.

  • maxdist

Use maxdist to only report stations less than this number of km away from given coordinate.


As a result you'll get a dictionary consisting of a lists of dictionaries with such structure:

  • CAS stations: "Host", "Port", "ID", "Operator", "NMEA", "Country", "Latitude", "Longitude", "FallbackHost", "FallbackPort", "Site", "Other Details", "Distance"

  • NET stations: "ID", "Operator", "Authentication", "Fee", "Web-Net", "Web-Str", "Web-Reg", "Other Details", "Distance"

  • STR stations: "Mountpoint", "ID", "Format", "Format-Details","Carrier", "Nav-System", "Network", "Country", "Latitude", "Longitude", "NMEA", "Solution", "Generator", "Compr-Encryp", "Authentication", "Fee", "Bitrate", "Other Details", "Distance"


  • ntripbrowser.NtripbrowserError - base class for all ntripbrowser exceptions.
  • ntripbrowser.UnableToConnect - raised when ntripbrowser could not connect to the assigned url.
  • ntripbrowser.NoDataReceivedFromCaster - raised when ntripbrowser could not find any data on the page.
  • ntripbrowser.ExceededTimeoutError - raised when connection timeout is exceeded.

To test

make test

Known Issues

Tests with tox may fail if python*-dev is not installed. So, you need to install python2.7-dev and python3.6-dev:

sudo apt-get install python2.7-dev
sudo apt-get install python3.6-dev

Project details

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