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CLI toolset that supports CICD processes.

Project description

BuildTools is a collection of scripts that support the University of Oregon's Network and Telecom Services team (NTS) continuous integration and deployment solutions. E.g. this solution is used in Jenkinsfile pipelines.

PyPI version

Install BuildTools

BuildTools is packaged as ntsbuildtools and provided in the Python Package Index (PyPI). So, simply use pip to install BuildTools.

pip install ntsbuildtools

BuildTools Usage

With BuildTools installed, the buildtools CLI utility should now be available in your shell.

$ buildtools --version
BuildTools Version: 1.3.5

Below is an example of posting a comment onto an existing BitBucket Pull Request.

$ buildtools post bitbucket pr-comment \
    --bitbucket-url \
    --user rleonar7 \ 
    --password SuperSecretPassword \ 
    --project ISN \
    --repo buildtools \
    --pull-request-id 2 \ 
    --message "Hello, world! I am BuildTools!"

Screenshot of the created pull request comment.

BuildTools Capabilities

BuildTools has many capabilities. These capabilities are provided as subcommands. To discover the subcommands available in your version of BuildTools, use the --help argument anywhere in the CLI.

BuildTools capabilities can discovered much more easily when using tab completion -- how to enable tab completion via argcomplete is discussed below.

In the example below, we see how the --help flag informs us that the buildtools post bitbucket pr-comment command is available and how to run it!

$ buildtools --help
usage: buildtools [-h] [--version] [--bitbucket-url BITBUCKET_URL] {post,parse} ...
positional arguments:
    post                Make an HTTP POST to a target.
    parse               Parse some input (typically from a file).

$ buildtools post --help
usage: buildtools post [-h] {bitbucket,teams,github} ...

positional arguments:
    bitbucket           Target Bitbucket.
    teams               Target Microsoft Teams.
    github              Target GitHub.

$ buildtools post bitbucket --help
usage: buildtools post bitbucket [-h] {build-status,pr-comment} ...

positional arguments:
    build-status        Set the "Build Status" in Bitbucket for a particular git commit.
    pr-comment          Posts a comment to a Bitbucket pull request, with optional arguments for 'Jenkins build 
                        annotations', indicating build status, encasing content in 'diff markdown', and more!

$ buildtools post bitbucket pr-comment --help
usage: buildtools post bitbucket pr-comment [-h] [--version] [--bitbucket-url BITBUCKET_URL]
                                            (--message COMMENT_MESSAGE | --file COMMENT_FILE | --json JSON_OUTPUT | --json-file JSON_FILE)
                                            --user USER --password PASSWORD --project PROJECT
                                            --repo REPO --pull-request-id PULL_REQUEST_ID
                                            [--max-comment-size MAX_COMMENT_SIZE] [--tail TAIL]
                                            [--playbook-limit PLAYBOOK_LIMIT]
                                            [--build-id BUILD_ID] [--build-url BUILD_URL]
                                            [--build-status {SUCCESS,UNSTABLE,FAILURE,NOT_BUILD,ABORTED}]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  --bitbucket-url BITBUCKET_URL
                        URL for Bitbucket. [env var: BITBUCKET_URL]
                        Provide the comment as a message on the command line.
                        Provide the comment in a file.
                        Provide ansible JSON output as a message on the command line (which will
                        be parsed to extract build-status info). NOTE: Additional 'formatting'
                        arguments, such as '--code-markdown', are ignored when using json input.
  --json-file JSON_FILE
                        Provide ansible JSON output as a file (which will be parsed to extract
                        build-status info). NOTE: Additional 'formatting' arguments, such as '--
                        code-markdown', are ignored when using json input.
  --user USER           Bitbucket user that will be used to authenticate to Bitbucket. [env var:
  --password PASSWORD   Bitbucket password (or Personal Access Token) for the Bitbucket user.
                        [env var: BITBUCKET_PASSWORD]
  --project PROJECT     The Bitbucket project key for the project where the pull request exists.
                        [env var: BITBUCKET_PROJECT]
  --repo REPO           The Bitbucket repository slug for the repository where the pull request
                        exists. [env var: BITBUCKET_REPO]
  --pull-request-id PULL_REQUEST_ID
                        The ID of the Bitbucket pull request to be commented on. [env var: PR_ID]

  --diff-markdown       Wrap the provided comment in diff markdown. E.g. ```diff \{comment\}) ```
  --code-markdown       Wrap the provided comment in code markdown. E.g. ``` \{comment\}) ```
  --max-comment-size MAX_COMMENT_SIZE
                        Fragment the comment into based on the maximum comment size.
  --trim TRIM           Only print the last `TRIM` lines of the provided message/file.

Tab Completion? Yes, please!

BuildTools works as a CLI by default, and can support tab completion via the argcomplete module.

$ buildtools (double press 'tab' to see possible commands) 
--bitbucket-url  --help           --version        -h               parse            post             
$ buildtools post (double press 'tab')
--help     -h         bitbucket  github     teams      
$ buildtools post bitbucket (double press 'tab')
--help        -h            build-status  pr-comment    
$ buildtools post bitbucket pr-comment

Unfortunately, this does not work 'out of the box' without doing some 'bash configuration.' So, run the following commands to enable argcomplete in your bash session:

pip install argcomplete
eval "$(register-python-argcomplete buildtools)"

Tab Completion for all bash sessions

If you want buildtools tab completion to work for all your bash sessions, we just need to install argcomplete for your user and add a line to your bashrc file.

Install argcomplete to your Python user site-package:

deactivate # (if currently in a Python venv)
pip3 install --user argcomplete

Add the following to your ~/.bashrc:

if [ -x "register-python-argcomplete" ] ; then
    eval "$(register-python-argcomplete buildtools)"

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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