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A library for creating self-aware ids

Project description


A library for creating informed ids. Nuggan ids aim to provide the following properties.

  • The id knows the type of entity it is identifying.
  • The authenticity of an id can be established just by looking at the id value. That is to say that a nuggan user can determine whether an id given to them is one they previously generated.
  • The alphabetical ordering of a list of ids is relatively equivalent to their chronological ordering.


Use nuggan to generate ids that encode information about the entity being identified.

import nuggan

# user-005dd1c485-7367ea24-e668-4944-9de0-723112eb1089-e8d26af99684

When given an id it can be parsed to identify what it applies to.

my_id = 'user-005dd1c485-7367ea24-e668-4944-9de0-723112eb1089-e8d26af99684'
# {
#   'prefix': 'user',
#   'hex_time': '005dd1c485',
#   'prefixed_id': 'user-005dd1c485-7367ea24-e668-4944-9de0-723112eb1089',
#   'base_id': '7367ea24-e668-4944-9de0-723112eb1089',
#   'checksum': 'e8d26af99684'
# }

Ids have checksums associated with them to allow corrupted ids to be identified.

bad_id = 'user-005dd1c485-44cc2faf-look-this-aint-rightdfd965a-4a6e8fc57d86'
# False

A salt can be configured to give some amount of confidence that a given id originated from a specific source.

maker = nuggan.IdMaker(salt='an-arbitrary-salt-value')
salted_id = maker.create_id('user')
# user-005dd1c5b4-e4d94f47-cae0-4f16-a0d8-a953c9bd7209-d93cd221c394
normal_id = nuggan.create_id('user')
# user-005dd1c5d8-fd007e41-833f-4c00-8aa9-a26314142845-895de953856b

# True
# False

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