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Number radix/base encoding, decoding and formatting

Project description

Number Radix

This is a Python script and library to encode, decode and format numbers including fractions and exponential notation in radixes/bases other than decimal, such as octal, dozenal/duodecimal, hexadecimal, base57 and base62. The radix can also be determined by any number of digits specified: 0123456789ab...


  • Python 3


From the Python Package Index:

pip install num-radix

Or download and run:

python3 install


Use the --help argument for help.

num-radix --help

By default, the script encodes and decodes in dozenal.

This outputs '6X,534;3000' encoded in dozenal.

num-radix --encode 142456.25 --format ',.4f'

The format string causes the output to have a scale of 4 and every 3 integer digits to be separated by a comma. The format is given in Python format string syntax.

Format with e-notation. This outputs '4;133X82e-0E'.

num-radix --encode 0.000000000005526745 --format '.6e'

Encode in hexadecimal.

num-radix --encode 142 --base hex

Decode back to a decimal from dozenal.

num-radix --decode '6X534;3'

The input and output can be piped. Each line of input is encoded (or decoded) and output on a new line.

echo -e "142\n4353" | num-radix --encode - | cat


Import the library.

from num_radix import Radix

Create a radix.

dozenal = Radix.dozenal()
hexa = Radix.hex()
base20 = Radix("0123456789ABCDEFGHIJ", sep="|")

Encode with the radix object.

dozenal.encode(142456.25, "013.4f")
numbers = [142456.25, 34, 0.000345]
"These numbers {:013.4f}, {}, {:e} are in dozenal".format(*dozenal.wrap(numbers))

Encoding date & time.

from datetime import datetime
now =
dozenal_now = dozenal.wrap(now.timetuple()[:6])
"{}-{:02}-{:02} {:02}:{:02}:{:02}".format(*dozenal_now)

Decode with the radix object.


There are more examples in the demo section at the end of the file.

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